3 Ways Technology Has Made Car Accidents Easier To Avoid

While car accidents will likely always be a part of our modern life, thanks to advances in technology, car accidents can now be much more easily avoided. Especially if you’re driving a newer vehicle that contains some of the vast safety and security features that are now available, you can be alerted in advance of dangerous situations approaching you.

To show you how these features can best be used to keep you and others safe, here are three ways technology has made car accidents easier to avoid. 

Electronic Stability Control

One great feature that many newer cars now have is called Electronic Stability Control, or ESC. 

According to Matt Bubbers, a contributor to The Globe and Mail, what Electronic Stability Control does is it can feel when your car is sliding or losing control through the wheels and then can automatically apply the right braking pressure to individual wheels to help you regain control. In some situations, it can cut power to your engine to help you slow down according to lawyersimmigration.com

With this feature, Bubbers shares that there has been about a 50 percent reduction in deaths caused by people running off the road or being in rollover car accidents. So if you have this feature available in your car, make sure it’s in good working order. 

Lane Assist Features

Some of the helpful features that can keep you from getting in a car accident are the wide variety of lane assist features that can be enabled in many newer cars. 

The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration shares that some of the most common and useful of these lane assist features include lane departure warnings, lane keeping support, blind spot detection, forward collision warning, and automatic braking. With these features, you’ll be alerted when the buffer of space around your car gets a little too small or close to another vehicle. This can help you make a quick adjustment before you wind up in a collision with another vehicle or object around you. 

Smartphones That Do Not Disturb

One of the biggest reasons that people get in car accidents today is due to distracted driving. Knowing this, many smartphone and vehicle manufacturers have come up with some ways to make your phone be less of a distraction to you when you’re in a moving vehicle.

Consumer Reports shares that many operating systems will now allow you to set your phone into a Do Not Disturb setting while you’re driving. This blocks your phone from sending or receiving phone calls, text messages, and more until you’ve stopped moving. With this feature, you hopefully won’t be as tempted to look at your phone when you should be looking at the road.

Although technology can make driving less safe, it can also be used to improve the driving experience and reduce your risks of a car accident if used correctly.