4 Fun Wedding Gifts

4 Fun Wedding Gifts

When someone you love is getting married, it’s an exciting time for everyone involved. It’s the joining of two families, and the beginning of a new one. It’s a time to celebrate and with so many wedding plans put on hold due to the pandemic, I’m sure we’ll see an influx of weddings in 2022. This will mean you’ll need to come up with creative ideas to give those closest to you on their special days. Here are my top 4 suggestions for fun wedding gifts:

1. A Travel Fund
Why not organize a travel fund that you can contribute to and gift the newly weds on their special day. Times have changed and many of us live with our partners before getting married, which means we simply don’t have the same need for homewares as generations in the past may have. For this reason, I think travel can be a wonderful gift to give. You can easily organize a travel fund and have others contribute to this gift to make it a bit more substantial. Or if you know they’re going somewhere for their honeymoon, you can look into buying an experience or spa voucher they can use there. Check out this website for some ideas of how to celebrate your hen’s do.

2. A Robot Vacuum Cleaner

If they don’t already have one, a robot vacuum cleaner can help save so many future arguments over cleaning responsibilities! I love mine, you can easily set it to go off at certain times of the day and it will automatically clean up after itself. This is a great ‘treat’ that’s fun because it saves the newly weds time and effort with cleaning! You might want to look into buying an aluminum deck hatch. I’m sure the bride and groom will love this gift!

3. A Voucher for Your Favorite Restaurant
It can be challenging to remember to date each other when the realities of life creep in after the excitement of the wedding has faded away. For this reason I love giving the bride and groom a voucher to my family restaurant. It forces them out on a date night, which can be especially special if they’re still paying off some of the expenses from the wedding. Quality time is really the best gift you can give someone, so why not try this as your next wedding gift idea.

4. A Spa Voucher
You may see a trend here – I do love giving vouchers as they’re something people can use when they’re ready to and they’re more experience based than ‘things.’ Buying a spa voucher can be a really romantic way to help the couple connect as husband and wife. I love having a massage at the same time as my partner, especially if there’s a spa bath or something thrown in too! You’ll find many spas will have special packages for newly weds, so be sure to ask about them before you buy. Check out this post on Goulart Legal for some more ideas.

Weddings are some of my favorite things to attend, but I always get stuck on gift ideas. Hopefully these four fun suggestions will inspire you to get that perfect gift for your loved ones!