4 Most Stressful Life Events (According to Experts)

Life is full of ups and downs and stressful moments. Some days are better than others, and that’s just the way life is. However, there are some events that are downright overwhelming. And while some people may experience these events differently than others, in the majority of situations, most people find themselves extremely stressed out. 

Here are some of the events that are recognized as some of the most stressful that can happen to you.


There are many reasons why we might have to move. Perhaps we are selling our house, or maybe we found employment in a different state. Whatever the reasons for moving are, many people agree that it comes with a lot of added stress. While in the grand scheme of things moving may not seem that earth-shattering, the truth is that it can be very psychologically challenging. 

Changing our environment for a new one forces us to step outside of our comfort zone, not to mention it comes with a lot of work involved—the packing, the organization, and having to clean up the space once everything is out. Most people agree that during a move, their stress levels are significantly higher than after the move.

The passing of a Loved One

It goes without saying that losing someone we love is one of the hardest things we can go through. Having to say goodbye to someone that we hold dearly to our hearts comes with a considerable amount of grief. 

In some cases, it can bring our lives to a halt. We may not be able to go to work, let alone get out of bed. Adjusting to life without someone we’re used to having around can be a long process to navigate.

Job Loss

Many people have mortgages to pay off and other bills to pay, which they rely on their job to provide for. In the event that we experience a job loss, we could find ourselves panicking over how we’re going to possibly pay the bills. Job loss can also lead to feelings of inadequacy and rejection, which can often lead to an identity crisis.

Having a Baby

Although parenthood is often associated as one of the most joyful things that can happen in your life, it also comes with a substantial amount of stress. From the financial pressure to navigating sleepless nights, many parents admit that the first three months of their baby’s life were some of the most stressful moments they’ve ever experienced.

Illness or Injury

Many of us don’t realize how much we cherish our health until our health is compromised. People who find themselves with a personal health crisis aren’t just physically stressed but also emotionally stressed. 

There’s a lot of fear and uneasiness surrounding our well-being and the stress of not being able to work. In some cases, illness and injury can have long-term consequences that can change the entire trajectory of our life. If you have a family to look after, the stress of being bedridden can be even more mentally taxing.