4 Study Tips to Help You Take Tests with Confidence

Hearing the word “test” is often every student’s nightmare and panic starts to set in. However, there is no need to fear. With some simple habits, you will feel prepared and be acing your tests in no time. Keep reading to discover 4 study tips that can help you take tests with confidence.

#1. Plan Your Study Time

Instead of cramming right before your test, intentionally plan your study time to get better results. As far in advance as you can, figure out how long you need to study for your exam. Then plan specific times that you will study every day, or every couple of days, depending on how much time you need. When you make a commitment to study for a certain amount of time it is much easier to stay focused and it will become a habit.

Also, try to plan out what topics you will be studying, and use a study technique called “chunking”. Instead of reviewing all the topics for the test at once, choose a specific topic or chapter that you will study in each of your sessions. If you ever feel frustrated about a certain concept, try to maintain a positive attitude and remember that you can learn from your failures.

#2. Start a Study Group

It can often be useful to go over concepts with fellow students who are studying for the same test. You can work together to find ways to remember the material and test each other. Also, sometimes certain students will understand parts of the material better than others. Have the members of your group refresh you on topics that you don’t feel comfortable with. Try to meet with your study group in a quiet place like a library to help ensure that you don’t become distracted.

#3. Cut Out Distractions

Often the hardest part of studying is trying to stay focused. Cutting out distractions is essential if you want successful study sessions. Make it easier for yourself by turning off your phone, only listening to instrumental music, finding a quiet place, etc. Setting a timer can even help you. For example, study for 45 minutes and then take a quick break, and it can actually help you become more productive.

#4. Explain Your Answers to Others

You’ve probably heard it before, but usually teaching others a concept can help you understand it better yourself. Use your family and friends to your advantage and practice explaining material to them and answering questions. This will help you find areas that you need more work on and will strengthen what you already know.

Studying for tests doesn’t have to be stressful. Follow these 4 tips and implement small habits in your life, and you will surely see increased performance in the future.