4 Tech Upgrades for Locks and Security in Chicago

Are you tired of your old lock and key and want something more innovative? Or do you want to increase your home and office security? If yes, then you have come to the right place. In this article, we will tell you about four tech upgrades for locks and security in Chicago. 

The traditional locks that use keys to unlock have several disadvantages. These locks are easy to pick, making them every thief’s favorite. They require the owner to carry a key at all times. This can be very frustrating for a person like me. Not to mention the times when you forget where you put them the last time. If so, it can even take hours to find them at last. 

Also, it is relatively easy to lose such keys. In such cases, the owner has to break down the door or call a locksmith to make a new key. Not to mention the hustle you have to go through to unlock the door using a key after a night out or a drinking party with friends. The old-fashioned key locks are not easy to use and maintain. 

In this post, we will tell you about four tech upgrades for locks and security in Chicago. These locks are innovative, cool, and easy to use, making them an excellent upgrade to key locks. Without further ado, let’s dive into them!

Fingerprint Lock

These are variably the coolest and most secure locks out there. These locks allow the user to unlock their door by scanning their fingerprint on your lock’s fingerprint scanner. However, these locks will only open if your fingerprint is registered in the lock’s database. The main reason why these locks are so trending these days is that fingerprints are very difficult to forge. There is no chance for a common thief to pick a fingerprint security lock. The second reason is that these locks are futuristic and too sophisticated. Many people install them because they look really cool and out of a psi-fi film. No matter the reason, fingerprint locks are the coolest and most secure locks out there. 

NFC and Magnetic Card Locks

Now you can install the smartcard locks that you see in hotels at your offices and homes. These cards use magnetic fields or NFC to transfer information to the lock’s receiver. The lock then verifies this information and allows the card holder to enter. But most of you will be probably asking yourselves how it is better than key locks? Well, for starters, this magnetic card is relatively easy to carry. You can put these cards in your wallet for safekeeping. You can also unlock your door by just touching your wallet without taking out your card. Moreover, these doors lock automatically when someone leaves the room. These lock systems are very simple and easy to use, making them an excellent alternative to traditional key locks. 

Smartphone Locks

Smartphones have become an integral part of our lives. Wouldn’t it be more convenient to use your smartphone to unlock your home or office? Well, such locks exist and are relatively common these days. These locks are either connected to your home Wi-Fi or your phone’s Bluetooth. Whenever you come close to the sensor, these locks can either unlock automatically or require you to touch that open button on your smartphone app. Fairly simple, isn’t it!

Passcode Locks

Last but not least, passcode locks are best for homes and offices with multiple users. You can share your passcode with as many people as you like. Only the ones with the right code are allowed to enter while thieves and trespassers remain out. You can also change the passcode whenever you want, as many times you want. Isn’t this a good lock system?


Forget about traditional key locks and upgrade to these technologically advanced locking systems. There are pretty amazing lock systems out there. Contact Locksmith in Chicago to explore your options.