4 Tips For Teaching Your Kids To Be More Earth-Conscious

The more that you can teach your children to be earth-conscious, the more that our future world will benefit from it.  Passing on the value of taking care of Mother Nature is an important role as a parent.  Whether teaching them about avoiding wasteful packaging or spreading awareness about the importance of buying organic whenever possible, there are many ways to teach your children to be more conscious of the earth— here are some of the most effective.

Watch a Movie About it 

Some children are more perceptive to information when it comes in the form of a film. There are some films that do a great job at teaching kids to be kind to the planet. Fern Gully is a great place to start. This beloved film covers the importance of taking care of the planet and the destruction that humans can have if not conscious about Mother Nature. 

There are also films like Wall-E that bring up modern-day issues that are rapidly contributing to the destruction of our planet. Not only is watching a film an entertaining way to pass on information, but your children will fall in love with the characters and likely be much more convinced by the lesson behind the film. 

Pick up Litter 

Leading by example is a great way to teach your children the importance of being kind to the Earth. There are tons and tons of garbage created in the US every year alone. You can do your part by volunteering to pick up trash with your children. If there aren’t any volunteer programs in your area, you may want to consider going to a nearby park or beach and organizing your own trash pickup. Every little bit counts when doing your part to rid the earth of litter. 

Grow a Garden 

Growing a garden is a wonderful way to teach your children the importance of the ecosystem. It’s also a great way to produce food and lower your grocery costs. There are all sorts of things that you can grow together as a family. Whether you decide to grow tomatoes, strawberries, or lettuce, your children will appreciate all that goes into nature and understand what an important role the planet plays in our body’s health. 

Use Reusable Products 

Using single-use products is a thing of the past. Teach your children the importance of using reusable containers and bags as an alternative to traditional plastic ones. Whether using reusable bags for groceries or packing your lunch in reusable glass containers, there are all sorts of opportunities to use reusable products throughout the day.  Make reusable products fun by letting your children choose their own. They can choose ones with their favorite characters or colors on them to get them more excited about doing their part to be more earth-conscious.