4 Tools That Will Make Working With Gabions Easier on Yourself

4 Tools That Will Make Working With Gabions Easier on Yourself

Gabions are fence-like structures used to block and retain earth being moved away from a construction site, like during excavation. The best part of using gabions is the ability to stack them on top of each other with adhesive. It allows you to create a wall with many layers or multiple partitions in one section. Therefore, gabions are a great alternative to poured concrete and are much quicker, less invasive, and more flexible. When working with gabions, there are certain tools and equipment that make the gabion process easier.

1. Gabion Corner Closure Tool

This tool is used to put the two ends of the wire into the gabion side panels. This tool is a great time saver, as you don’t have to use a hammer to close the wire and save your fingers from getting smashed. Even if you have a firm grip and aren’t afraid of getting a little blood on your work clothes, you’ll still need to close the wire with a hammer or nail. It is because it’s vital to ensure that all of the ends are tight in the gabion upon completion.

2. Manual Hog Ring Gun

A manual hog ring is also an essential tool for assembling gabions. It has a patented design, which helps you put the rings on more precisely. You can apply the rings and then cut them off with the wire cutter. Using a large hog ring remover with our wire-cutting set will allow you to clean up unused material.

3. Pneumatic Hog Ring Gun

This tool is one of the best ways to apply the hog rings quickly. The pneumatic hog ring gun makes it much easier to place calls with a high volume of consistency. You can also cut off the rounds and leave them on for an extended period without rusting or rotting. The tool is available in different lengths, allowing you to increase your efficiency and save time.

It is the best hog ring gun on the market. It cuts rings quicker and smoother than a handgun; it also has a built-in wire cutter. It saves time, and if you assemble several gabions at a time, it becomes an automated process. It will help you create a continuous gabion, but you will probably have to do it manually in most cases.

4.Gabion Lid Closure Tool

The lid tool puts the wire on top and bottom of the gabion side panels. It also has a place to store a hog ring. It is recommended to make an assembly like this at a time and leave it alone for a few days before adding the calls. You must clean off all excess material with the wire cutter and hog ring remover before adding the calls when making gabions. Once the two sides are in place, it is designed to put a hog ring over the top.

Following these tools and the assembly process will be easier. You will know what each tool does and why you should use them. You will better understand how gabions are put together and how to customize them for your unique project.