4 Ways to Impress Your Boss

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4 Ways to Impress Your Boss

The truth is, it’s not easy to impress your boss. Bosses are high-achieving individuals, and they usually have a lot of experience that they’ve gained while working their way up the corporate ladder. To impress your boss, you’ll need to show them what your strengths are and how you can contribute to their company. Here are some ways according to Alexander Djerassi you can do this:

1. Be an Inspirational Leader

You’re most likely already a leader in one or more aspects of your life. For example, if you manage people on your team, you’re already leading by example. Now imagine bringing all of those leadership skills into your workplace. You could be an exceptional motivator and inspire others to work hard and follow through with tough tasks. This will make your employer love you. Many businesses encourage employees to join committees and projects because their leaders inspire and motivate other employees. The same thing applies to bosses. If your boss has confidence in you, they will let you lead and take charge when necessary. Your role as a leader will never end, so don’t stop being a leader at home!

2. Offer Solutions to Problems

By taking the initiative and offering solutions to problems on your own, you demonstrate that you care about the business’s success. As long as you approach these issues constructively (while respecting someone else’s opinions), your boss will appreciate that you cared enough about their project to offer a solution. When presented properly, an opinion from another person is taken as valuable input rather than criticism. It shows that you are listening to them and taking time to consider their point of view.

3. Don’t Forget – Be Honest About Mistakes

If you want to impress your boss, Alexander Djerassi believes that you must be honest about mistakes made during your employment. Even though we occasionally have slipups, we all strive towards perfection. However, sometimes we learn from our mistakes and improve ourselves as we advance. Showing humility can go a long way in making your employer feel good about themselves. They may even consider promoting you based on your ability to accept responsibility and grow from your mistakes. However, if they believe that you are hiding errors, your job security is at risk. Try to keep your failures private unless you know that they won’t hurt your future career prospects.

4. Show your boss your value by sharing relevant experience

If you’ve been with your company for a while and you’re already established in a certain role, it’s not difficult to show your boss what value you can bring. This is especially important if you’re the only one in your department with experience in the given field. Your boss will see that you have experienced, and they’ll be more likely to trust in your judgment. Remember, experience is something that no one learns overnight; therefore, showing your superiors that you know sets you apart from others who haven’t had similar experiences yet. By demonstrating your ability to think outside the box, you’ll also make yourself memorable. Being creative helps people like your ideas and allows you to relate to coworkers personally, which leads to better relationships overall.

So now that you have all of the tips needed to impress your boss, it’s time to put them into practice. Start small and set your goals along the way.