5 Biggest eBay Seller Mistakes and How To Avoid Them

A lot of first time eBay sellers assume that selling on the popular e-commerce website is as easy as pie. However, in order to be successful, it’s essential to work hard! The stores that you see raking in sale after sale are committed to their store’s success. Making a living off of eBay can be very time consuming if you want to make it work.  

Therefore, avoiding the most common mistakes is critical to see your store flourish. When it comes to selling on eBay, here are some of the biggest mistakes you can make.

Not Offering Reasonable Shipping

Overpricing your shipping is a quick way to make people click on to the next store. Make sure that your shipping is priced fairly. Even if your inventory is priced reasonably, people will run at the sight of expensive shipping.

Choose a reliable shipping company that you know will offer fair prices and always deliver quality service. Far too many new eBay sellers learn the hard way how vital a good shipping service is for retaining customers! Don’t settle for just anyone at any price.

Not Accurately Listing Your Item

eBay makes it possible to search for items that buyers are looking for within categories and sub-categories. Make sure that what you’re selling is accurately listed within the site so that people can find you.  

Your description should be clear, and your keywords should be relevant. Placing your merchandise in the wrong category will only hide your products from potential buyers!

Overpricing Items

Rather than shooting in the dark and pricing your item based on your own estimate, it’s essential to look around at what other people are selling for. Don’t take the risk of selling at a loss. Look around and price your item similarly to the competition. Don’t go too high, or no one will purchase from you when there are cheaper options out there!

Posting Poor Quality Photos 

Don’t post photos of your items that are blurry or hard to make out. People want to see what it is they’re paying for. Unprofessional photos that aren’t clear or well-executed reflect poorly on your business as a whole.  

Make an effort to post high-quality images that are an honest depiction of your items. Don’t use filters or attempt to edit photos to mislead buyers! They’ll find out soon enough you weren’t honest! 

Poor Grammar

You probably never imagined you’d need to review what you learned in high school English class to sell on eBay; however, people are more inclined to buy from you have written everything correctly free of grammatical or spelling errors. It’s more professional!