5 Different Foods to Cook With Cannabis

5 Different Foods to Cook With Cannabis

We’re going to skip over things like cannabutter, cannabis-infused coconut oil, and cannabis cooking oil, flour, milk, etc. – ingredients that are often used to make edibles and other marijuana recipes, but aren’t really ‘foods’. However, if you somehow didn’t know that they exist, you can look up instructions and recipes to make your own! But for this article, let’s take a look at 5 different recipes we love to make with cannabis!

1. It Goes with Everything

Whether you love pancakes, keto-friendly energy balls, grits, oatmeal, or cinnamon rolls, there’s one breakfast item that goes well with everything: Bacon.

To make this, you’ll need just 2 ingredients; sliced bacon and ground cannabis (think ‘fine powder’ texture).

Bake your ground cannabis for 45 minutes at 225F, then preheat your over to 275F. Sprinkle as much of the freshly-baked ground cannabis as you desire on every strip of bacon, then bake the bacon for 10 minutes, flip, and bake for another 10 minutes.

The best part here is that all the leftover fat from this process will be medicinally active, so you can get creative and have fun. (Why not use it to create frosting for bacon-flavored cookies?)

2. Grilled Cheese

Whether you love to stuff your grilled cheese with more cheese, veggies, fruits, jams, meats, – whatever – everyone loves a good grilled cheese. These are great if you’re in a time crunch, too, as you really only need to toast each side enough to melt its contents and it’s done.

To create an infused grilled cheese, use weed butter to pan-fry your sandwich to perfection and enjoy. It really is that simple!

3. Mary Jane Salad

You can double-dip here. First, you can add freshly cut marijuana leaves to your favorite salad. Complimentary greens like arugula and sunflower sprouts can really help bring out the flavor. The double-dip comes with the vinaigrette. To make your own, find a recipe you love and replace the base oil with cannabis oil. It tastes great and works well!

4. Pot & Potatoes

Whether you love french fries or like to roast potatoes with other veggies, using finely chopped weed to finish them off is amazing. You can use infused oils, add freshly chopped leaves, and even top it off with cannabis salt. What’s not to love? Get creative with it!

5. Fruit Leather

I really tried to stay away from sweets, as it seems like there’s a never-ending list of fun desserts that can be adapted. But who doesn’t love fruit leather?

This is a healthy alternative to the sugar-filled sweets usually associated with cannabis. There are plenty of recipes out there for this, depending on your desired dosage and your taste buds, so I advise that you seek out a recipe that works well for you. But this is a must for those who love something a little sweet, but don’t want to just pig out on gummies.

Whatever recipe you choose to try out, it’s important to go with a reputable distributor. A good dispensary will usually offer a variety of medical marijuana, infused foods and snacks, and products to help you take your medicine and enjoy it, too.