5 Expert Tips for Deck and Lakeside Dock Designs

Do you have a waterfront property that you would like to improve? If so, adding a deck or lakeside dock can be a great way to do it! However, before you start construction, there are a few things that you should keep in mind. This article will discuss five expert tips for deck and lakeside dock designs. Following these tips, you can create a beautiful and functional addition to your property that family and friends will enjoy for years to come.

Decide On The Purpose Of Your Deck Or Dock

Designing the perfect deck or dock can be a challenge. The experts at Decks & Docks suggest starting by thinking about the purpose of your deck or dock. Do you want a space for entertaining or simply a place to relax? Once you know how you want to use the area, you can start planning the layout. If you entertain often, you’ll want to ensure plenty of room for guests to move around. And if you’re looking for a place to escape the hustle and bustle of daily life, consider adding a few cozy nooks for reading or conversation.

Consider Size And Shape

Decks and docks come in all shapes and sizes. When choosing the right design for your space, remember a few things. First, consider the size of the area you have available. You might want to consider a smaller deck or dock if you have a small yard. Alternatively, if you have a large yard, you might want to choose a larger design. Second, think about the shape of the area you have available. You might want to consider a rectangular deck or dock if you have a rectangular yard. However, if you have an irregularly shaped yard, you might want to choose a more unconventional design. Third, think about how you will be using the space. If you plan on entertaining guests, you might want to select a larger deck with plenty of seating. Alternatively, if you plan on using the space for storage, you might want to choose a smaller dock with built-in shelves or cabinets.

Choosing The Right Materials

Summertime means spending time outdoors, and that often means spending time on the deck or dock. But before you can relax and enjoy the summer sun, you need to design and build your deck or dock. When it comes to choosing materials, the experts at Decks & Docks have a few things you need to keep in mind. First, you want to select materials that are durable and easy to maintain. Second, you want to choose materials that complement your home’s style. And finally, you want to ensure your deck or dock will be safe for your family and friends.

With these things in mind, here are a few expert tips on choosing the right materials for your deck or dock. First, consider composite materials. Composite materials are made from a mix of wood fibers and plastic, and they’re designed for durability and easy maintenance. Second, consider pressure-treated lumber. Pressure-treated lumber is treated with chemicals to resist rot and insect damage, making it a good choice for high-traffic areas. Third, consider cedar or redwood. Cedar and redwood are naturally resistant to rot and insect damage, making them a good choice for decks and docks in wet or humid climates.

Adding Special Features

Regarding deck and dock design, there are a few key features that can help take your space from meh to marvelous. Railings, stairs, and lighting are great additions that can add safety and functionality to your outdoor space. And, with a little bit of planning, they can also be stylish accents that help to tie your whole look together. When choosing railings, stairs, and lighting for your deck or dock, keeping both form and function in mind is essential. For instance, if you live in an area with high winds, you’ll want to ensure that your railings are sturdy enough to withstand the elements. Likewise, if you have small children or pets, you’ll want to ensure that your stairs are safe and easy to navigate. And finally, if you entertain often, you’ll want to ensure that your lighting is attractive and practical.

Plan For Future Growth

As any experienced contractor knows, it’s essential to plan for future growth when embarking on a new construction project. After all, even the most well-designed plans can quickly become obsolete as your needs change. That’s why experts recommend opting for versatile designs that can be easily adapted over time. For example, when building a deck or dock, consider using modular components that can be rearranged or added to as needed, allowing you to change the shape or size of your structure without starting from scratch. Also, leave plenty of space for expansion when choosing your deck or dock location. By following these simple tips, you can ensure that your project will be able to grow along with your needs.


Building a deck or dock can be a big undertaking. But with some planning and forethought, you can easily create a functional and stylish outdoor space. Remember to keep your needs in mind when choosing materials and features and plan for future growth when choosing a location. With these tips in mind, you’ll be well on your way to creating the perfect deck or dock for your home.