5 Way To De-Stress

In today’s modern world, there are more reasons to stress than ever. Between a hectic job, family life, and financial pressure, it’s not uncommon to find yourself stressed out. However, stress isn’t good for anyone. It’s important to lower your stress levels whenever possible in order to leave the best possible life. Stressed isn’t just manifest itself emotionally, but it can also affect us physically. Take a look at some of the best ways to destress and take it easy. 

Get a Massage 

Just like stress can take form physically, it can also be removed physically treating yourself to a massage will instantly release tension and leave you feeling much less susceptible to stress. Try to treat yourself to at least two massages every year. You’ll find that you’ll be much less inclined to burnout when things get difficult. 

Watch a Funny Movie 

They say that laughter is the best medicine. Next time that you’re feeling stressed or upset, try turning on a funny movie and see how you transform. Studies show that people who laugh more are more relaxed in general. 

Try to get into the habit of watching something that makes you laugh at least a few times a day. At the very least, at least it’ll distract you from your problems for a few minutes. 

Talk a Walk 

Walking is a great way to release endorphins and clear your head of any stresses that are bothering you. Try to get into the habit of walking for at least 30 minutes a day. If you don’t think you have time in your schedule, a great way to incorporate a walk is by using it as a way of transportation. For example, you can commit to walking to the store or work at least a few times a week. That little bit of physical activity will make an enormous difference in your overall well being. 

Breathe More  

Breathing is one of the best ways to slow down your heart rate and get rid of stress. Next time that you’re feeling overwhelmed with pressure at work or home, take five deep breaths. Inhale so that your stomach inflates, and as you exhale, watch your belly button go down. Practice doing this several times a day when you start to feel stress coming on.  

Try to imagine something pleasant that makes you happy while deep breathing, and you’ll find that your mood is instantly lifted. 

Sleep More 

Many studies prove that people who sleep less are more prone to stress and anxiety. If you notice that you’re frequently stressed out, then take a look at how often you sleep period if you’re not catching enough z’s, then chances are that might be why you’re feeling less than stellar.