5 Ways To Come Up With Money In a Pinch

It’s happened to the best of us. Something comes up that leaves us desperate for money in a pinch. Regardless of whether you have medical bills to pay, unexpected car repairs, or you owe an unexpected debt; everyone goes through tough financial times at some point.

The question then becomes, how do you come up with money quickly? The good news is you don’t have to rob a bank or engage in any kind of illegal activity. Take a look at some of the most effective and legitimate ways to make money in a pinch.

Sell Your Car

One of the things that you own that has the most value is probably your car. If you’re really in an emergency that calls for serious cash fast, then selling your car is a great solution.

If you think that you can manage in the meantime by using public transportation or carpooling with friends, then you should seriously consider parting ways with your car. Not only will you make money off the sale, but you’ll also save money on gas, parking, and insurance costs!

Cash Advance

Your credit card may have the option of giving you a cat advance from an ATM machine. In serious emergencies, this can be a helpful way to pay off what you need to pay. However, realistically it’s a pricy solution.

You’ll wind up paying a considerable amount of interest, which can be challenging to pay off if you’re already in a financial bind. 

Have a Garage Sale

Take a look through your house and see what kind of stuff you’re not using that you could be selling instead. You may have old skis, collectible items, or even furniture that could be worth thousands!

Having a garage sale could bring in some serious dough depending on what you have lying around. If you haven’t used it in over a year, sell it!

Get a Part-Time Job

Consider getting a job that allows you to work supplemental hours in addition to your current job. It may not be instant cash the same way that selling something would be; however, it is a slow and steady income that can lead to big bucks over time.

Consider using all of your earnings to put aside into savings. Ideally, over time, you’ll have a nice amount put away so that if you ever find yourself in a pinch again, you’ll have the money to be able to get yourself through.

Ask a Friend

In an ideal world, friends and money shouldn’t mix. However, when you’re in a tough spot, sometimes there isn’t any other option.
Ask a friend if they can loan you the cash, and create an installment plan for paying them back.