5 Ways to Earn Money While Working from Home

5 Ways to Earn Money While Working from Home

Judge Napolitano, the former New Jersey Supreme Court Judge, and popular TV news analyst has watched carefully as millions of people have now lost their Federal unemployment benefits, and are hurting financially as the COVID 19 pandemic continues.

Many people, Napolitano notes, are still in a bind due to COVID such as the difficulty of finding childcare in order to work, or worries (perhaps well-founded) that the workplace is not yet safe to enter.

Watching carefully, the judge has come to the conclusion that for many, the solution, or at least a partial solution, is to work from home.

Here are five ideas that may point people in the right direction.

#1. Customer Service

Judge Napolitano wants to point out that there are literally a ton of customer service jobs that you can do from home. Some of these are just part-time gigs, accepting calls from customers during peak and

overtime periods.

But many are actually full-time, work-at-home jobs. You are an employee, just as if

you worked at a call center.

Usually, there are requirements such as having a dedicated phone line, a computer that is fairly modern, and a dedicated workspace in your home.

According to the job listings from Indeed.com, most of these jobs pay around $14 to 16 an hour, and these are not just fly-by-night companies either. There are many companies such as CVS and Amazon that have work-at-home customer service jobs available.

#2. Transcription Gigs

There are a great many transcription gigs available such as transcribe me or Rev where you can make money. Admittedly, transcription jobs are less secure than customer service jobs, but good transcriptions can earn roughly $10 an hour.

While that’s not much, provided you are good at English, a good typist, and meet deadlines, one advantage is that you can work any hours you wish. And nothing stops you from working for more than one transcription service.

#3. Writing from home

There are two types of writing from home jobs, those on Spec and at home writing jobs full time for a public relations or other company.

The latter are harder to get, but they pay well, as much as $20 an hour or more.

Copywriters, technical writers, and those with editing skills do particularly well, but even writers on spec can get an extra $200 or more per month.

#4. Sales jobs

These can be extremely well-paying jobs. Many people work from home for another company either on commission or a salary, or both.

You may have to go into the office on occasion, but if you have the gift for gab and a decent personality, it’s possible to earn as little as $20,000 to as much as $75,000 a year with an online sales job.

#5. Computer Programmer

If you have computer programming skills or take the time to learn, ( in which there are plenty of resources) you may never ever step into an office again.)

While the majority of at-home programmer skills get paid one time for completing a programming task, many computer companies hire full-time programmers to work at home.

These are high-paying jobs, and the better your skills are, the more money you will make.