5 Ways to Keep Customers Coming Back

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5 Ways to Keep Customers Coming Back

Most of us want to buy products from companies we know and trust. But what makes a company stand out, aside from its product? Is it the consistency of the logo or their use of colors? According to fashion editor and health and wellness expert Helen Schifter, it’s really about their use of customer service. Schifter travels the country, giving seminars on how a company can make sure they’re always around and how they can communicate with existing customers. Hence, they continue to buy more of their products.

1. Create a look

When customers see the same layout at each branch, they feel comfortable because nothing is out of place. It extends to the products as well. Having a consistent color palette ties all products together and makes it easy for customers to find things they know will fit their current wardrobe. The more they see the same things, the better they know what to expect.

2. Have good customer service

When something goes wrong, a company needs to stand behind its products instead of returning them to the customer and asking them to fix them themselves. It also means sending back items that do not live up to expectations easily and quickly. A good customer service representative will know what the customer needs and steer them in the right direction. In other words, they serve as a personal shopper when the customer needs them.

3. Emotional connection

Customers can tell a lot about how companies do business by looking at their websites, Facebook pages, or Twitter profiles. If a brand is not personable or does not take pride in its products, it won’t positively impact customers. Good customer service means that the brand values its customers, even if they’ve never set foot in one of its stores. Customers can tell if they are part of the brand’s family or just a number on a spreadsheet.

4. Talk to your target audience

Helen Schifter talks about her Fit For You program, which helps women understand their body types and learn how to dress for their shapes. Educating your customers about how to dress for their body type is an excellent first step in creating a loyal following. Helen is also working on an online class that will show women how to dress for their body type and help them learn what fits them.

5. A sense of style

Helen assures her readers that she does not look good all the time, but she does keep in shape to count on being fashionable. Even though she doesn’t believe that there is a standard look for every woman, customers like knowing that there are products out there for them as well. She recommends that you set a style standard to make your brand stand out. Is it friendly, or is it snooty? Is it comfortable and relaxed, or is it stiff and formal?

It is important to remember that customers will always buy a product they like, even if it may not be the cheapest or the most fashionable. However, if you engage with your customers, you can improve your outreach and ensure that you are present in their lives. So, if you see a trend happening in your business, it might be time to re-evaluate some of your strategies so you can approach them from a different angle.