6 Care Tips for Extending the Usage of a Humidor

6 Care Tips for Extending the Usage of a Humidor

A humidor is an essential piece of equipment for any cigar smoker. It helps to regulate the humidity level, which keeps your cigars in good condition and prevents them from drying out. If you take care of your humidor, it will last for many years. In this article, you will learn seven care tips that will help you extend the life of your humidor.

1.    Dust your humidor often. Dust is one of your worst enemies since it can clog up the air passages between the wood and decrease the ability of your humidor to properly age your cigars. This is why maintenance is so crucial since it helps prevent mold and bacteria from growing in your humidor. Dust can build up over time, causing mold and mildew to grow on the inside of it. If you do not take care of this problem immediately, then eventually, all cigars will be ruined due to contamination by these harmful elements.

2.    Make sure you keep your humidor in an area where there is no direct sunlight for at least six hours each day. Humidors should be kept out of sunlight to minimize the possibility of variation in temperature that can cause harmful mold growth. Sunlight is rarely consistent and can cause hot and cold spots, leading to additional issues. Maintaining an average room temperature is key and ensuring that the humidor remains sealed and the hydrometer is calibrated to avoid any variance from the ideal conditions. Air conditioning and heating should also be monitored since these systems have a tendency to change humidity levels by removing moisture from homes in the summer and adding moisture in the winter.

3.    Do not leave your humidor open unless it is necessary. Leaving a lid off allows for air circulation and helps to prevent mold growth on the inside. The ideal humidity level for cigars is 70%. If a humidor is left open, excessive humidity will be lost. This can cause your cigars to dry out rapidly, become difficult to smoke, and lose flavor.

4.    Always keep an eye on how much water you are using in order to keep humidity levels at an acceptable level. You may need to add more water over time if you live somewhere with low humidity or during winter months when there isn’t much moisture available outside.

5.    Keep your humidor away from heat sources such as radiators and fireplaces because these can cause damage due to high temperatures, which will shorten the lifespan of your humidor. Also, avoid placing anything on top of it while in use because this will add extra weight and pressure to the walls, which could result in cracking or breakage.

6.    In order to properly maintain the humidity level in your humidor, it is critical that you use distilled water. Tap water contains minerals and impurities that can affect the flavor of your cigars. Distilled water also does not diminish in quality over time like tap water, which can dry out your cigars.

Following these simple tips should help you get the most out of your humidor and keep your cigars in perfect condition. Adhering to the tips is also the surest way of saving your money from buying humidors frequently.