8 Clever Ways to Pack Your Fragile Items Before a Move

8 Clever Ways to Pack Your Fragile Items Before a Move

When you’re preparing to make a residential move, there are a lot of items that you’ll need to pack up and transport to your new home. Due to the different items you’ll be handling, it can be easy for damage to occur. Fortunately, there are a few clever ways of packing your fragile items to ensure they arrive in one piece.

1. Use Different Sizes of Boxes

Many people only use one box size to pack various belongings in each room of their home. This can cause some items to be loose if the box is too small or for other items to shatter if the box doesn’t close. Purchase multiple sizes of boxes to accommodate different products and have enough room for the packing material.

2. Don’t Overpack the Boxes

Overpacking your boxes may allow you to purchase fewer boxes, but it can also lead to your items breaking when they’re packed in too tightly. There should be at least one inch of space left on the top of the box once you seal it. If you plan on working with professional movers on realizing your move, they can also help you pack your belongings securely.

3. Use Your Clothes as Packing Material

If you want to save money and avoid buying packing material, use your clothes to individually pack fragile items. It will allow you to pack more products in a shorter amount of time and avoid buying bubble wrap that you only use once.

4. Stack Fragile Items

Breakables like glass plates and bowls can be stacked to reduce the risk of damage. Add a piece of bubble wrap between each item to prevent them from chipping and having contact with one another. Only four or five bowls and plates should be stacked on top of each other in each box.

5. Use Quality Boxes

Although you may try to save money by using old boxes you had in your garage, it can cost you more if items you back end up breaking. Invest in new, sturdy boxes that have handles and are secured with heavy-duty tape.

6. Place Valuables in Dresser Drawers

Consider storing breakables in-between the clothes in your dresser to keep them secure. Secure each drawer with tape to prevent them from opening and closing as the furniture is loaded into the moving truck.

7. Use the Original Boxes

Large flatscreen TVs and gaming consoles can be packed in their original boxes to ensure they’re protected and are in a box of the right size. You can also add fragile labels on the outside of the boxes to inform your professional movers of items that need to be handled with more care.

8. Dissasemble Furniture

Antique furniture or small appliances can be disassembled to make them easier to transport. This will allow you to individually wrap the legs and pieces to prevent scuffs and scratches from developing. It’ll also make it easier to carry into the moving truck.

Knowing the different ways to pack fragile items can allow you to have peace of mind and will ensure everything arrives in one piece. With the right materials and techniques used, you can enjoy a smooth and successful move to a new home.