8 Savvy Ways to Protect Your Office Building From Theft

8 Savvy Ways to Protect Your Office Building From Theft

Many of us work in office buildings, and with all the new technology, it is becoming increasingly easy for thieves to steal from them. Even the most secure building can be susceptible to theft through keylogging software on computers and data breaches. It’s important to take proactive steps that will help protect your office building.

1) Check Your Parking Lot

The first thing you should check is your parking lot. The best way to keep it secure is by not allowing any valet parking, eliminating outdoor areas hidden from view, and adding more cameras. Thieves will often try to use these spaces when they steal cars because they’re out of sight and easy to access.

2) Update Your Alarms

No matter how secure your building is, having alarms on doors and windows is necessary. They cost very little to update, and as technology gets more advanced, the systems will become cheaper. It is also important to train your staff to respond appropriately when the alarm goes off. Leasing security software might be an option for those who can’t afford new alarms entirely.

3) Hire a Master Key Keeper

It is important to have a master key holder. This person should hold the key to every door and window in the building. In some instances, this will not be possible. Either way, there needs to be someone in charge of this task. It is also suitable for those in charge to check that the keys are being used appropriately and not misplaced by employees.

4) Buy Keyless Locks

If a building has a key to enter, it is more susceptible to theft. Keyless locks eliminate this risk almost entirely. They should be used as much as possible, mainly if you deal with large amounts of money. The best part about them is that they are inexpensive and easy to install within most office buildings.

5) Reduce the Amount of Information That You Give Out

The less information that people get from you, the better. You should only provide what is necessary and no more than that. For example, you don’t want people to know whether or not you are going on vacation. If your office is being robbed, thieves will try to find this information from your employees and use it against you.

6) Secure Your Office Windows

Windows are also at considerable risk for thieves. With climate control, heating and cooling, window coverings are easily broken open. To avoid this, look into ways to have reinforced windows and use special locks. They can also be used to keep out the heat during the summer months and keep out unwanted noise at night.

7) Make Sure Your Office is Well Lit

Make sure that your office is well-lit at night. You don’t want people to have the ability to break in without being seen. It should be bright enough outside so that people can see what’s happening when you are in the office during the day. The added benefit of this is clear footage of people if there is a security breach. This can help show who stole what and when it happened.

8) Create a Safe Area for Valuables

While you may be able to secure everything in your office, it is essential to remember that you will still have valuables there at all times. If you are worried about theft, put some safety in your office. It can be very simple, or it can be very elaborate, but an area where valuable items can be kept should always be a top priority.

Various factors can affect the security of your office. Technology is one of them, and it is overgrowing. While you might have safety locks on all your doors, technology can still break through to steal information and access your building. Using these tips will help you protect your office with limited disruption to business operations.