A Good Painkiller For Athletes?

A Good Painkiller For Athletes?

It is not uncommon for Athletes to experience
chronic pain while playing their sport.. It is even more commonplace for it to
persist after one retires from poor medical care, pain relievers. Athletes have
a lot of attention and pressure on them, so when they cannot perform because of
chronic pain, no one is happy. There are endless physical therapies and opioids
used to help solve the problem of constant injury and chronic pain for

If you’re suffering problems during training,
the first line of defense is always getting an MRI scan. If something shows up
in your scan, many athletes are using CBD as a painkiller. CBD is completely
legal to use and is infused into oils or creams. The effects of CBD has become
popular in recent years. Since its healing and pain-relieving properties have
come to light, it has been presented to several counsels where cannabis is
illegal to use.


The Cannabis
plant is made of different compounds. THC is the illegal one that
most think of as ‘marajuana.’ CBD is not addictive and has many big-names
spouting its ability to work as a painkiller. The reason it is more accepted
for its different properties is because it has no psychoactive properties that
play with the mind. The CBD ban was lifted in 2017 from the World Anti-Doping

Now in 2019, the
National Football League Players’ Association was helped by the NFL to begin
studying how CBD and even marajuana can help in place of opioids. The
other notable compound from the cannabis plant is THC. It has psychoactive
elements and is outlawed federally to consume. Since states have the power to
allow its use medically or recreationally, the choice of using medical marajuana
has been presented to certain leagues. Already CBD can be found in beauty
products, where it’s been proven as a facial treatment as good as getting a chemical peel.

Pain Studies On Rodents

CBD cream has been investigated, with it being
spread on the joints of rats. Their joint
discomfort was determined to be slightly relieved with the use of CBD. This was
noted by the amount of weight they could ebar on the injured limb with or
without CBD cream being applied. Now, these are rodents with very different
genetic makeups and metabolisms than humans.

This is just one of many studies occurring,
and with each new procedure the properties of CBD are fully coming into light.
Yes, of course more clinical trials and in-depth research will lead to the
very-real potential of athlete pain treatment.

Does It Really Work?

Knowing whether a product containing CBD will work all depends on doses and the trustworthiness of the manufacturers. CBD is unregulated, so there are plenty of scammers jumping on the trend to make money off those buying CBD products online. The more you know about the product you’re consuming, the smarter of a decision it is. There are many trustworthy companies that offer CBD products which are easy to use.

Even with CBD products being legal, some
league policies could make it near-impossible for an athlete to use the product
and continue on their team. If you ever sport a positive in a drug test in some
major leagues, you will not only be fined, but you will need to go through a
rehabilitation program.

Once more scientific tests occur on CBD, and it
becomes regulated, its use will be less controversial. This will mean
nationwide policy changes for many leagues. With the many reports on CBD
resolving chronic pain, it is becoming a frontrunner of the painkiller world.
Whether it will become commonplace and regulated, is another case altogether.
One thing is for certain, many athletes are already reaping the benefits of
using CBD as a painkiller.