A Look at Different Ways to Get Rid of a Junk Car

A Look at Different Ways to Get Rid of a Junk Car

If you’re the unproud owner of a junk vehicle you want off your property ASAP, you’re in luck. The many options available to remove the junk vehicle, running or not, give everyone choices that suit their needs. Whether you are willing to pay to remove the vehicle or prefer putting cash in your hands in exchange for the junker, the ideas below are among the best strategies to get rid of that junk car.

Call a Tow Company

On the more expensive out-of-pocket options, using tow service is the most popular. Tow companies charge fees for vehicle removal based on the distance they travel, the vehicle type, and of course, the company itself. Use this option last, only if the ideas below fail to provide results. Luckily, most ideas on this list work wonderfully, leaving only a handful of people to need this option.

Sell the Car

One of the best ways to get cash for your junker is to sell it to a person or body shop. They’ll pay top-dollar for the vehicle, even if it does not run. Alternatively, selling the vehicle to a junk dealer can put cool cash in your hands. Junk car buyers pay anywhere from $25 to a few thousand dollars for the vehicle if they buy. Junk car dealers use factors like the vehicle condition and the make and model to determine your offer.

Sell the Vehicle Parts

It’s called ‘parting-out’ the car, selling the usable accessories and parts individually for cash. Many people prefer to part-out the car than to use other options. Drivers purchase used parts like these rather than new parts because they’re so much cheaper. You’ll cash in when selling the parts from the car and help another person in the process. What’s cooler than that? Although this takes time, the money sellers earn is much larger than the amount a junk car buyer will pay. The more popular the model vehicle you own, the easier selling the parts becomes.

Call a Junk Removal Service

Junk removal service usually removes clutter from homes. While this is the primary service, they also offer vehicle removal service. Request estimates from three or four local junk removal companies to learn the best price for this service. Companies use many factors to determine the removal rates, including the distance traveled and the type of vehicle.

Donate the Vehicle

Non-profit organizations accept junk and non-operational vehicles just as they accept operable vehicles that need repairs. These organizations use vehicles to benefit their services and participate and recipients of those services. Find an organization that accepts vehicle donations on this list.

Give Away the Car

Although some people will not want nor accept a car that does not run or needs major repairs, just as many will gladly take it off your hands. Ask people whom you think might have an interest in the vehicle, whether that’s your auto mechanics friend or a high school repair shop.

The options above are popular ways to get rid of a junk car that is doing nothing more than taking up space on your property. Each option has pros and cons, but certainly offer more benefit than a car aimlessly sitting on your property. Learn more about each option to pick the one best suited for your needs. Why allow a car to sit on your property and deplete its curb appeal when so many removal options are available?