Aligning Your Company Around the Customer

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Aligning Your Company Around the Customer

One of the best approaches for increasing productivity is to make sure that you have aligned your establishment around the client experience. Doing this might seem simple, but it is always overwhelming for most businesses, especially new start-ups. The whole idea needs executive engagement and dedication. Customer satisfaction comes first; therefore, it is essential to understand how this idea works and will benefit the organization and the customers.

Here, one will understand how aligning helps improve the business and how misaligned organizations can affect customers.

The Importance of Alignment

1.A well-aligned organization will help increase sales

If the sales and marketing offices are centered together, the customers’ work will be made easier. When sales and marketing are not centered, an organization might miss a good number of market opportunities. It also helps customers get consistent experience in the sales and marketing strategies, thereby building trust.

2.It enhances the practical use as well as the long-term strategy

Alexander Djerassi, an experienced entrepreneur, believes that when the marketing and sales department are soiled, there will be much misunderstanding. Usually, the marketers will blame the salespeople for not utilizing the sales collateral given. Customers will lose trust in the organization when the salespersons are not productive and when the marketers keep attending to their content requests late. When the marketing and sales offices are not centered, the organization will miss many opportunities.

3.It helps bring unity hence increasing the employees’ workforce and motivation

Centering the two departments, sales, and marketing, brings them together on the same page, helping them achieve the same goals and understanding and respecting each other’s responsibilities.

How Alignment Around Customer Helps Improve a Business

Apart from improving the productivity of the organization, the customers’ experience is usually a big deal.

1.Customer Perception

Before, the customer’s primary contact with the company was through the salespeople, which is different today. Nowadays, customers first communicate with the marketers through ads or social media platforms. The customers will trust the organization through their first impression only when the sales and marketing departments are aligned and have seamless transition.

2.Lead Qualification and Fostering

Alignment creates a significant impact on lead qualification. When both the sales and marketing departments are focused on lead scoring, there will be no confusion on the leads.

3.Content Development and Accessibility

With a centered organization, the marketing employees will familiarize themselves with most asked questions by their customers. This helps them in creating content appropriately that the customers may need during their purchases. The salesperson will also be aware of the material existence and where to acquire them.


According to Alexander Djerassi, it is always important to win customer love. Aligning the sales and marketing departments makes the organization more productive and helps the customers utilize the advantages of a unified business. Djerassi explains that a business must achieve customer centrality from within to avoid the soiled view of the customers and the department. To learn more about expanding your business and also how best a company should invest on aligning around customer experience, consider reading more about business entrepreneurs.