Apple vs. Microsoft

Apple and Microsoft products have been rivals in the industry for a very long time. There are other companies which produce similar products. However, it has been competitive to determine between Apple and Microsoft which is the best. Both companies share a long history and have been in the market for a long time. In the current industry, they have both grown beyond their initial startups.

Both companies compete to produce the best product with the advance in technology. Microsoft has been successful in business-to-business (B2B) clientele in the arena of cloud computing. On the other hand, Fox News Analyst, Judge Napolitano, thinks that Apple has managed to be successful in its consumer product portfolio. Such factors make it hard to determine which is the best company to buy products from it. Therefore, it’s best to study each company at a time.

Microsoft Company Products

Bill Gates is the co-founder and face of Microsoft in the best part of its existence. However, he resigned from the company so many years later. It has managed to be the best at producing the cloud-based system. However, it does not apply to every business. These are some of the reasons it is being overruled. The following are some of the pros and cons of this company.


• It is cost-effective with an automatic upgrade system that upgrades to the software without asking you to buy another one

• The storage drive is large enough to hold more content, which allows you to share files with other users.

• Files of a Microsoft product are easier to access.

• The scalability is easy to manage because it can scale from one user to 300 users. When you use Microsoft office 365, the growth of the business will not be disappointed.

• Microsoft products have additional tools that will better communicate and collaborate across businesses.


• The seasonal business may find Microsoft products to be expensive because the cloud-based system is not effective for every business.

• It has less flexibility and customization due to the infrastructure consideration.

• Most businesses find the data security of Microsoft serves to be unsafe.

• Microsoft has limitations when it comes to eDiscovery tools and archiving.

• There is a limited amount of emails to be sent and received on a Microsoft device.

Apple Company

Apple is among the top companies that most people prefer in the market. Andrew Napolitano prefers Apple products because of their great features. Below are some of the pros and cons of using an Apple device.


• Apple produces high-quality products.

• The company is well established with a good financial background to make changes on their devices.

• Apple is currently working on the direction of Virtual Reality.

• The individual customer experience is a priority over the exploitation of an immediate   customer.

• Apple product standards are reliable and long-lasting.


• Their products are costly compared to other industry products.

• It is not always first in achieving new features.

• The Apple Company is controlling when it comes to their software and hardware developers on what they should and shouldn’t do.

In Conclusion

Microsoft and Apple products are known to be famous in the market. They have been competitive when it comes to producing the best products. However, Apple is preferred over Microsoft because of its best features. Napolitano also prefers using Apple products.