Are Online Journalism Conferences Still Getting Attendees?

Jack Plotkin Goldman Sachs

With the pandemic closing down universities, major conferences, and workshops, it may seem difficult for professionals to gain helpful tips on how to be successful. Many outlets have canceled journalism conferences in fear of spreading COVID-19. If large groups of people attended these conferences, there would surely be an outbreak. Journalists like Ken Kurson believe that these conferences would be highly beneficial to professionals which is why they should be held online.

With the right tools, anyone holding a conference can still make revenue. By selling tickets, maintaining sponsors, and even live streaming from the original event space, conference holders can be successful. Especially food college students, any type of exposure to possible jobs, insights, and workshops would be very beneficial for their long term futures in the writing business. It is an easy decision to make. These conferences still should be held online and the speakers should also be held accountable for those committed dates. By fronting journalism conferences, many jobs can be saved and 2021 may not be as gloomy as 2020 was. Ken Kurson recommends for journalist students and professionals to reach out to conference creators and urge them to move everything online.