Are The Hamptons Safe?

There is speculation that the Hamptons might not be safe due to the high influx of people due to the pandemic. It has become difficult to accumulate how many people have actually set foot in the Hamptons since the start of the pandemic. Many, like Helen Lee Schifter, have moved out of the city and to their estates. Celebrities have stayed put in fear of flying back to LA during the pandemic. 

Overall, the mayors and governors are doing the best they can to keep the people safe. COVID-19 testing is very prominent and lots of people are staying socially distant. The beaches looked very different given that they weren’t as crowded, but it made them that much safer.Restaurants have had to remain open for longer which is great for supporting small businesses. The shops along the boardwalk have only temporarily shut down but should be back and running soon. Overall, the Hamptons have done a great job of keeping people safe and out of high exposure areas. Even Helen Lee Schifter agrees that escaping the city is the best decision for her and her family.