Best Ways to Smoke Cannabis

There are so many different ways that you can be smoking weed. Of course, you can get high from weed, but did you know it also helps with anxiety, sleep, skin health, and even athletic performance? 

But we’ll be covering the different ways you take intake week because there are so many options. 


Vaporizers are by far one of the best ways to inhale weed. You can use just a vape or a vape pen. If you reside in an area that hasn’t legalized weed yet, then this is a great option. Vapes don’t smell, and you can get an incredible high from it. When you’re vaping, you are inhaling the purest form of vape from your weed while not inhaling any of the tar debris in your body. 

The only problem with vape pens is that they are usually quite expensive to buy. Most high-quality vape pens out there cost at least $100 or more. Anything under that might be questionable in quality. If you’re someone that regularly smokes, then this may be an excellent investment. However, if you only smoke casually, you may want to choose another option. 

Vape pens are generally a healthy alternative to other methods of smoking weed. The lower temperature of the pen preserves some of the weed’s active ingredients. With other methods, many of them would be destroyed due to lighting it on fire. 


Bongs have been a popular form of smoking for centuries in countries such as Thailand, Hmong, and Laos. A bong is shaped like a hookah where the gas will flow from the left to the right port. Most bongs are made out of glass. However, some are made out of metal, bamboo, ceramic, and plastic. Some of the most popular bong types are: 

  • Straight-tube bong
  • Round-base bong
  • Percolator Bong
  • Waterfall gravity bong
  • Carburetor bong
  • Beaker-shaped bong
  • Multi-chamber bong
  • Bucket gravity bong 

The bong works by having the smoke pass through the water and go from the bong to your lungs. 


It is extremely common to smoke weed using a joint. Joints are only used for marijuana. If you mix it, the name becomes something else. For instance, if you combine tobacco with marijuana, then it is called a Spliff.

The way joints work is that you need to use a special smoking paper that is made of a specific material such as wood pulp, hemp, or rice. These papers are waxed and gloss to prevent burning too quickly, unlike regular paper. And then you take your weed and roll it on the paper. 


Blunt makes it super convenient and fast to get started with smoking. Blunts are very similar to joints, except they are made specifically with cigar papers. Since these types of papers are usually much larger than regular smoking papers, you can pack a lot of marijuana inside. You can pack your blunt however you wish. Some like to pack it similar to a cigarette. Some like to pack it dense and thick to match a commercial cigar. 

One of the big advantages of using a blunt compared to a joint is the longer burn time. Since the cigar wrap is a thicket, it will burn through your marijuana at a slower rate for a better euphoric feeling.
Knowing the best ways to smoke will give you a better high experience. You’ll be able to utilize the best ways to get you high the fastest and longest. Each method has its pros and cons. Other factors matter such as the type of strain and quality of marijuana that you purchase.