Certified Fitness Coach Christopher Lee of Buffalo, New York Shares Seven Negative Thoughts That Are Holding You Back from Your Fitness Goals

Many individuals have a fitness goal they want to accomplish, but negative thoughts hold them back from reaching their potential. Most people aren’t alone in these thought processes, and they must first overcome these barriers before they can work to achieve their goals.

Here, Christopher Lee, Buffalo, New York, certified fitness coach, shares seven common negative thoughts that individuals face when working towards their fitness goals. He also shares some of the solutions he offers to his clients to begin to look at themselves in a more positive light.

Doubting One’s Self

If you don’t believe you can achieve your fitness goals, you may need to revisit your goals to ensure you are comfortable with the amount of effort required. Then, you must change your mindset to a can-do attitude. Those who believe they can’t, won’t. If you believe in yourself, you will develop a level of confidence.

It’s Too Hard

Nothing worth achieving ever comes easy. If getting or staying fit was easy, everyone would be doing it. People quickly get upset when things aren’t comfortable or immediate and want to throw in the towel. Instead, you have to remember that it’s a journey, and you will come out the other side that much stronger if you persevere.

There’s Not Enough Time

Time is a valuable asset. People commonly complain that there isn’t enough time in the day to allocate to their fitness goals between work, personal lives, and other obligations. However, there is time if you make time for it. Those that are successful plan their workout regimen in advance. Whether you sign up for a class or block off time on your calendar, actively carve out time to ensure you are committed.

The Need to Be Skinny

The media for years has portrayed an image that healthy equals skinny. When people get trapped in the mindset that they must be as slim as some celebrities, it results in desperation. It can sabotage any productive approaches to living a healthy lifestyle. Focus instead on being fit and healthy, and you will enjoy those results so much more.

Immediate Results

People get caught up in short-term fitness goals such as fitting into a particular dress, going to a family event, or looking good for a reunion. However, fitness goals should be a long-term approach, and only thinking in the short term will set you up for failure. Be patient, and the end goal will be that much more rewarding.

Thinking You’re Too Old

One common thought is, “I’m too old to accomplish the goals I’ve set.” While your workout regimen may change over the years, you are never too old to set fitness goals and accomplish them. Age is just a mindset for you to overcome.

The Belief that You Need to Belong to a Gym

Fitness goals can realistically be achieved anywhere, any time. The belief that you must pour a ton of money or make a commitment to a gym is entirely false. There are many at-home routines that can accomplish just as much when you put your mind to it.

About Christopher Lee

Christopher Lee, originally from Buffalo, New York, is a certified personal trainer. Mr. Lee helps his clients build muscle and improve their overall fitness. Christopher supports his clients as they revamp their health and fitness routines, increase their metabolism, and get stronger. His exercise programs and training sessions are designed to help clients build strength, athleticism, and agility so clients can enjoy the activities and sports they love pain-free. 

Mr. Lee earned a Bachelor of Science degree in Exercise Science with an Emphasis in Sports Performance from the University at Buffalo, The State University of New York. Christopher Lee’s passion for living a healthy and active lifestyle has led Mr. Lee to educate his clients about the importance of regular exercise and science-based nutrition fundamentals.

When he is not supporting his clients to become more physically fit, Christopher Lee can be found spending time with his friends and family in Buffalo.