Companies Coming Together for a Better Chicago

Beal Properties: Companies Coming Together for a Better Chicago

Throughout Chicago’s history, numerous groups, organizations, and targeted charities have worked tirelessly to provide precious resources to underserved communities, protect the liberties of all people, and advance self-betterment opportunities through job training, education, and hands-on programs. These organizations have aided countless Chicago residents, and have significantly contributed to the growth of communities, elevation of neighborhood spending power, and the stabilization of a hyper-local economy. While some organizations have been government-funded, many have been upheld through funding from local Chicago-based businesses who believe in the city’s future. Now, in the midst of unprecedented times, Chicago’s leading corporations are dedicating themselves to uplifting lives, championing meaningful causes, and propelling change.  A staple within Chicago’s real estate industry, Beal Properties has long held a respected space in the community, and has been committed to assisting the local community in a myriad of ways.

Long-Term Commitment to Community

While the devastating effects of Coronavirus have certainly initiated an immediate need for resources, funding, and services for Chicago’s residents, the need to improve quality of life, champion success, and evolve Chicago’s neighborhoods has existed for many generations. Many companies have spearheaded funding for various incentives since inception, and have created a legacy of giving that transcends just the immediate need for giving. 

Many local companies, including Middle Brow Beer, have vowed to donate to multiple locally based charitable organizations since inception. Since their 2003 inception, the craft beer creator has donated extensive percentages of profits to various charities championing local success, including Lurie Children’s Hospital, and Immigration Youth Justice League. Providing affordable and architecturally diverse housing for Chicago’s renters for nearly thirty years, Beal Properties has also been committed to monthly donations to a myriad of local causes, including Chicago Hopes For Kids, and the Greater Chicago Food Depository. 

Transparency and Digital Benefits

With various real-time global communication tools at their disposal, many innovative and active companies are leveraging the power of social media to partner with local organizations. Not only do digital “announcements” highlight these collaborations, they raise awareness of the pressing need of the charitable organization through sharing their information with the company’s followers. By reaching broader audiences, charitable organizations are able to spread their mission statement, garner funding, and raise awareness of the bespoke needs they are attempting to forward. From sending email campaigns to potentially interested parties, to leveraging social media presence, Chicago-based companies are successfully utilizing digital communication mediums to raise local engagement.

In addition, companies dedicated to ongoing charitable work, like Beal Properties, are utilizing digital mediums to maintain transparency, showcase ongoing openness as a company, and perpetuate open conversation regarding community efforts. Through extensive social media presence, Beal Properties shows tenants and Chicagoans the actualization of their philanthropic efforts, including dedication of funds, and volunteer opportunities taken by the team. This personal accountability breeds trust, community faith, and the confidence that the company is serious about truly making a change.

For various charitable organizations, digital resources allow the organizations to continue to provide helpful resources throughout the pandemic. With many mentorship programs, tutoring services, and youth-based organizations having to pivot services to adhere to shutdowns and social distancing measures, digital resources have been instrumental in aiding families throughout Chicago. The Chicago Hopes For Kids program, for example, has historically provided various activities, learning experiences, and enrichment activities for children in person. Due to COVID-19 restrictions, however, the organization has uploaded several recorded “read-alouds” to actively continue literacy building activities from home. Additionally, the organization features a weekly parent email newsletter, which contains enrichment activities that can be conducted at home, tips for productive at-home experiences, and other resources to assist Chicago’s families during this unprecedented time. 

Chicago’s Public Library has also pivoted to an online-friendly model, offering free virtual tutoring sessions to interested parties. For continued self-guided education throughout the summer, the Public Library also hosts digital interactive learning games for children and teens. These resources allow out of school children to continue learning proactively, and provides safe activities for teens to engage in throughout the day, championing educational support for Chicago’s children. 

Dedicating Charitable Teams

For large companies dedicated to championing community-based organizations, organizing this incentive in a formal manner is a great way to ensure that giving is maximized, efforts are realized, and that planned giving remains a significant part of a company’s mission statement. From corporate giving programs governed by dedicated committees, to smaller giving teams organized by crew members looking to oversee a company’s charitable giving, these designated programs help to propel incentives and mission statements already in place.

Beal Properties recently launched the Giving Team, the company’s formal answer to ongoing philanthropy. Operating under the tagline “Staff led, Beal funded,” this dedicated group of employees meets to discuss appropriate giving strategies, determine eligible partners, and provide funding for immediate needs throughout Chicago. The group chooses a monthly charity to partner with, and devotes funding to the chosen group, along with raising awareness through digital integration. 

In May of 2020, Beal’s Giving Team donated to the Greater Chicago Food Dispensary, providing much needed food resources to vulnerable Chicagoans. Though the nation’s largest cities face high rates of hunger and food scarcity amongst many populations, the COVID-19 pandemic has dramatically increased the immediate need for food within cities like Chicago. Through food pantries, mobile programs, and special outreach missions based on unique Coronavirus-driven needs, the Greater Chicago Food Dispensary works to provide immediate need, and eradicate hunger. Recognizing the important work of this community-centric organization, Beal’s donation to the cause will undoubtedly directly benefit important efforts.