Convenience of Earning a Degree Online  

Flexible Education

Many benefits that one encounters while pursuing an education via online are; schedule flexibility, time management, exercising one’s self discipline and a guaranteed self paced learning. Individuals that earn a degree online tend to have developed additional skills due to this flexibility. Improvement on technical skills, planning, forecasting and executing plans to success occur as well. Alexander Djerassi, agrees that planning financially for college tuition is key and not only parents but future students should plan this very early on. Djerassi encourages parents and students alike to create a budget, complete thorough research, learn about financial aid guidelines and start saving early on. Planning early on financially will allow the potential student the option to continue his or her education in the future. Nowadays it is not very common to pursue an education the traditional way as many live in rural areas, possible health issues along with disabilities and not to mention those that must relocate a lot due to their present work/family. Online education allows those that could not attend college or university in the traditional way due to scheduling issues as well as financial issues. Earning a degree online allows many who would otherwise not obtain an education to now earn one if they please to.

For many, earning a degree online will be the only option to earn a degree, due to social issues like anxiety of having to be around too many people, becoming nervous when having to present in front of a class or transportation. We now face a new obstacle: COVID-19, a whole generation now see’s earning a degree online is the safest option than to attend a class full of individuals that may be carrying this virus. Learning how to manage oneself is key when earning a degree online, one really has to be self motivating to continue this path. The individuals that do complete their courses and achieve success in earning their degree. Are now added to the group of educated individuals who are able to contribute socially, politically and economically. We now have more and more well rounded citizens who are productive members of society. Ensuring that future generations that follow after will most likely follow in their footsteps.

For many adults that consider returning to school after years if not decades of not attending. This now is a reality they can pursue due to the flexibility that comes with online education. It is my opinion that most parents will most likely work around their child’s schedule and family time. Scheduling their class before having to take their child to school, some time in between 5am to 7am or use this time to complete needed homework. Or schedule their class after 7pm when the family has settled in and all have had dinner together. Weekend mornings are usually free for most parents if their children are the type to sleep in.

Alexander Djerassi wants to be clear that this is not to say that online education is easier but more flexible, providing the opportunity to realistically schedule all classes and study time required. Let’s say education is only available through more traditional routes, I believe many would not complete or fail. Due to the inability to attend all classes and or demanding schedule to aby by versus their own schedule that is customized by each individual’s needs.