Diego Ruiz Duran Encourages People Not to Overshare on Social Media

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Although some say that seeing is believing, which gives them a reason to overshare information on different platforms like Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, Twitter and snapchat. Sharing information is not a bad idea but if its overshared then it becomes a problem giving rise to issues like; identity theft, reputation damage, addiction, and loss of self esteem and confidence.

Identity theft is a very common crime on social media because people easily give up their personal information which a criminal needs to impersonate someone else. The criminals can request for new credit cards, get a personal loan and also buy a car but don’t make any payments towards any. How is one going to defend themselves against a crime they didn’t commit due to identity theft? For this reason people should still practice privacy and not overshare on social media.

Over sharing causes reputation damage for example if one shares a video of themselves in an embarrassing act and it goes viral ending up at their work, for this act, the person might lose their job as a way of the company distancing themselves from this person. This may be the beginning of a financial struggle due to lack of privacy and oversharing.

Social media is also addictive; once someone starts getting likes on their posts, it gives them an urge to post more because they get a certain satisfaction from it and in the long run one ends up losing themselves because they have to keep up with posting. This then isolates them from the rest of the world and ends up losing connection with families, co-workers and friends. So for this issue privacy is key.

Sometimes one may post a photo of themselves which they would like to share with their followers hoping to receive positive reactions but instead receives negative reactions. There’s no way this person’s self esteem and confidence can remain the same which was as a result of oversharing.

Why Does Diego Ruiz Duran Think it’s Dangerous for People to Overshare on the Internet?

As the best defense attorney in Mexico whose Law Firm has been in practice for the last two decades and holds a Master’s degree in Criminology and Criminal Justice from Oxford University; studied at Harvard and Massachusetts institute of Technology; Duran gives reasons as to why people should not overshare on the internet due to cyberbullying, online case interference, improves mental health and wellness.

Most people have been affected by social media and have been victims of cyberbullying due to oversharing; he encourages his clients to consider privacy as the major issue in a trial.

Social media impacts ongoing cases when clients’ information is posted on social media because it changes the course of the trial and instead of using past information it follows what is being shared online. So he encourages people to take a break from social media during a trial.

Using social media while on trial damages a person’s mental health and self image because some of the information being posted is usually not true; so he encourages them to stay away from the toxicity and get some peace of mind free from worries so as not to affect the trial.

Information on social media does not go away, and in this case if what is posted is all lies; it will remain for the next generation to read which leaves a negative impact on one’s family due to over sharing.

Oversharing information and then deleting it may affect one’s case during a trial because it will be classified as potential destruction of evidence so it’s best to stay off the internet.

Social media also provides more proof during a trial by providing information like; location, preferences, types of shopping and profiles looked at which may not help the case.

In conclusion, in the world today social media is a useful tool in all aspects of life but when used the wrong way one can suffer the consequences.
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