Digital Marketing Guide to Social Media Marketing

Social media platforms like Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter level the playing field when it comes to digital marketing. Small businesses have the same amount of power as a major brand to build an audience organically. So how do you go about building a loyal audience via social media? In this digital marketing guide, we’ll take a look at how you can specifically utilize Instagram to amass an audience.

Audiences are drawn to genuine engagement that is why it’s important to make your business relevant online. Take for instance the Netflix Instagram account. You’d expect a big company like Netflix to have minimal personal engagement and a fairly straightforward marketing plan. On the contrary, their social media marketing happens to be witty, entertaining, personal, and helpful. Netflix is so smart to encourage and foster personal relationships with their audience. This form of engagement builds trust and loyalty.

Any expert from a social media agency will bring up the importance of when engaging in social media marketing, remember that genuine connection is key to building an audience. It’s also key to staying on the good side of the Instagram algorithm. Instagram uses its own form of SEO, which means it’s important to optimize your account so an audience can find you. The algorithm will analyze your account based on who you follow, what your bio says, and what content you post.

Follow accounts in the same niche as your site. The algorithm will learn to recommend you alongside the people you follow. In addition, make sure your bio is clear, concise, and informs the audience up front what they can expect. Are you a fashion blogger? This information should be crystal clear from your bio. Finally, focus on engaging with people. Take the time to like and comment on multiple profiles a day. In order to avoid being flagged as spam, engage with 30 or so profiles at a time. Like around 5 of their images and comment meaningful engaging comments. Do you like their lighting choices? Tell them!

We chose to focus solely on Instagram for this digital marketing guide. However, there are many other platforms that can also yield fantastic results. It’s important to take a hard look at your niche and content to determine which social media platforms will work best for you. No matter which platform you choose, focus on genuine engagement and you’ll have a loyal audience in no time.