Does Face Serum Make You Break Out?

Does Face Serum Make You Break Out?

If you’ve got sensitive or acne prone skin, you’re probably very skeptical or nervous about trying any type of new product for fear of it causing a breakout.  In fact, you may have eliminated the idea of trying a facial serum all together.  Even though you may want the benefits of a great quality facial serum, like anti-aging, smoother skin, increased radiance, firmer texture, and overall improved skin health, the thought of even one more troublesome pimple may put you off of trying a facial serum for good.  

Fortunately, there are facial serums formulated with all natural products that are clinically proven to help your skin reap all the benefits aforementioned without leaving you looking like a hormonal teenager.  Consider trying a CBD serum, which is all natural and derived from plants, and normally well tolerated by all skin types, including acne-prone, sensitive skin.    

Facial Serum-What are the Benefits?

If you’re still not convinced a facial serum is for you, maybe discussing the benefits of their usage will bring you around.  Facial serum has a plethora of benefits.  A facial serum that contains CBD can help combination skin balance out perfectly because it is able to dissolve oil in areas where it is being overproduced and increase hydration in areas where your skin is dry.  This means if your skin is overproducing oil (and causing breakouts) a facial serum with CBD can help prevent that oil from clogging pores and forming pimples.  

Facial serum can also help your skin look youthful.  Facial serum that contains CBD can help prevent fine lines and wrinkles from forming.  If you’re experiencing aging and acne at the same time, you know how frustrating it can be to feel as though you can’t use anti-aging products because of the fear of getting a breakout.  CBD contains a lot of fatty acids and nutrients that benefit your skin and help fight the signs of aging before they start.  

Thankfully, facial serums with CBD are well tolerated by sensitive, acne prone skin and are capable of hydrating your skin without irritation.  

Lastly, users of facial serum report having skin that quite literally glows.  If you’ve been looking for a way to get that Instagram-worthy glow, using a facial serum is definitely your best option.  

How Can Facial Serum Prevent Breakouts?

Many breakouts are the result of skin that is either too oily or (surprisingly) too dry.  More often than not, the products we try don’t tackle breakouts at their root cause-clogged pores.  Using a facial serum can definitely promote clearer pores.  

Facial serum is applied after your face has been cleansed and exfoliated, and after any other product you plan to use.  This means you will want to apply any acne treatments or moisturizers prior to your serum.  A facial serum creates a protective barrier between your skin and your environment preventing harmful dirt and pollutants from reaching your skin.  This means your skin stays clean and free from outside irritants which could potentially break you out.  

Facial serum that contains acne-busting ingredients like probiotics and CBD are also a great option for users with problem skin.  CBD, as stated above, helps balance moisture production in your skin, which can be a great solution for users who find their sebaceous glands overproducing on the daily!  Including a probiotic in your facial serum is a great way to keep healthy bacteria at normal levels and eliminate unhealthy bacteria that can cause breakouts.  Keeping the bacteria that is naturally found on your skin at healthy levels is a great way to prevent breakouts before they start.  

Facial serum is a great product that should be included in every skin care routine.  Even users with the most sensitive, breakout-prone skin can reap the benefits of facial serum without fear of being left with a breakout from a harsh product.