E. A. Smiroldo, a Rising New Author, Grants an Interview

The most fascinating literary works are those that examine how we as individuals and as a community react to contemporary issues like global warming. Communities all across the globe are already suffering greatly as a result of climate change. Author EA Smiroldo explores the subject of climate change in her stunning new book, “The Silent Count.”

Dara Bouldin proposes a plan in the book to mitigate the consequences of climate change. There is just one problem: no one at the government organization where she works even knows she exists. While she is forced to pay off her college loans and her father’s gambling problems, she is still in mourning over the termination of her engagement to artist Jericho, who is rapidly ascending the charts with his latest single. When Dara learns what is going on, she is immediately sucked into a war that is raging throughout the world, where her inventions would prove disastrous in ways she could never have imagined.

In the style of comedy like “Don’t Look Up,” the dramatization The Silent Count examines how leaders might react to a terrifyingly realistic event. Recently, Smiroldo met with reporters to respond to their inquiries.

Don’t Look Up, a well regarded movie, has been compared to your book The Silent Count.

What are your thoughts on this comparison?

If The Silent Count were to be made into a film or television series, who would you like to see play the lead role?

Dara Bouldin, the lead character in The Silent Count, is a part that Millie Bobby Brown, who portrays Eleven on the Netflix series Stranger Things, has a lot of potential to excel in.

Despite her youth, introversion, and the emotional pain she has experienced as a consequence of loss and heartbreak, Dara learns to harness her inner strength as the story progresses.

I believe that Millie Bobby Brown’s portrayal of Eleven has a level of emotional depth that would make the movie adaptation of my book both heartbreaking and thought-provoking.

What is the most crucial lesson you want readers of your book, The Silent Count, to learn and spread across the world?

We are the ones that developed the atomic bomb, sent a man to the moon, and created the influenza vaccine. 

Why is it that we are unable to address climate change in a way that is equally stunning and effective?

E. A. Smiroldo’s book The Silent Count is now offered through Solstice Publishing, Amazon, and other retailers. For further information, go to E. A. Smiroldo’s website.

E. A. Smiroldo sees the world from a variety of perspectives as a writer, musician, and nuclear engineer. Given how close humanity is to a true climatic crisis, she is dedicated to highlighting how important it is for us to have trust and love for one another. E. A. Smiroldo has an engineering bachelor’s degree.

She has won prizes in writing competitions held by the International Screenwriters’ Dig and the Bethesda Literary Festival, and her songwriting has been nominated for a Washington Area Music Association Award. She optioned her screenplay concept to X-ray Media after coming in second place in the latter category.