Electrical Systems – Signs Your Property Needs an Upgrade

If you’ve been living in a property for many years, there is a chance it needs an electrical upgrade. Sometimes we don’t notice any issues, whereas other times it is obvious. If your home or business premises was built over 20 years ago, it has probably gone through some upgrades. Carpets have gotten replaced and leaky faucets have been changed. Electrical issues aren’t always apparent, but older systems need an upgrade due to deterioration.

Electrical Overload

Sometimes electrical overloads go unnoticed because they happen behind the walls where things aren’t visible. One way of knowing if the electrical system is overloaded is to touch the switches. If a light or extension plug has been on for a while, an overload will present itself as a localised heat in that area.

When you turn the lights off and the switch is hot, there is a good chance your system is working too hard and needs an upgrade. If you need an experienced electrician, have a look at https://www.bevanrobinsonelectrical.com.au/ and contact a company representative.


Another sign you need an electrical upgrade is when you notice charring or soot on the outlet. This is an indication that your outlets are old and new to be replaced.

If you notice a distinct discolouration around the sockets, then there is damage inside the walls. You’ll need to call a professional electrician immediately to repair the damage and to ensure safety. There are many reasons not to try a home renovation project, when it comes to electricity, safety is one of them.

The discolouration is apparent because the wiring is old and cannot operate effectively. The old wiring sparks and cause flames to burn the socket.

Circuit Breaker Trips

It is normal to have the circuit breaker trip because of an electrical overload. It is a safety mechanism that is in place to protect the system. When it identifies excess energy flowing through the system, it trips and stops the flow.

If this is happening at your home or in your business on a frequent basis, it could indicate faulty wiring or electrical panel problems. The only way to diagnose this is to have a professional evaluate the system.

Constant problems with your circuit breaker could mean new appliances are overloading the board and causing it to stop. This is a sure sign you need to upgrade your system.

Flickering or Dimming Lights

Have you ever noticed the lights suddenly dim or start to flicker for no reason? This is a sign your electrical system isn’t working effectively and may need an upgrade. There are times when the issue is a loose bulb, so follow these safety guidelines when changing the bulb to see if this is the problem.

There are many reasons electricity bulbs dim or flicker, to get to the source of the problem, speak to a professional.

If you aren’t sure about your electrical system, it is best to move forward with caution and contact an electrician who specialises in domestic, commercial, and industrial systems. Many older buildings need to be rewired or upgraded because of deteriorating components.