Establishing a Good Relationship with an Employer

How Employees Can Establish a Good Relationship With an Employer

Establishing a good relationship with an employer is critical for employees interested in building their successful careers. Helen Lee Schifter, a former arbitrage trader, has compiled her best tips on establishing a good relationship with an employer. Read on to learn how you, too, can do so. Here are some great tips for building a good relationship with your boss:

1. Communicate With Your Employees Face-To-Face

When your employees have asked you to set a time to meet so they can discuss their roles and tasks, don’t be too quick to accept the request. If you know these meetings should be off-limits due to the sensitive areas discussed, then receive the meeting at the earliest opportunity. Unless your employees are direct competitors or customers, there is no reason why they need to know all of your business strategies and strategies. Being direct competitors doesn’t mean they should know everything about you. You may not even realize that your employees see each other regarding job interviews and references.

2. Create Employee Development Plans

Employees should create a personal career development plan to present to their superiors. Ideally, the program should be aligned with the company’s goals and contain a tangible set of actionable items and measurable milestones. The professional development plan you create will outline the skills you need to develop to get ahead within your organization and how and when these goals will be accomplished. Therefore, do not concentrate on organizational structure but focus more on yourself and what you can do to make a better place for yourself in this world by becoming more educated or learning new skills.

3. Conduct Performance Reviews

According to Helen Lee , employees are often given the same feedback. This is because the same performance-evaluated metric, such as customer satisfaction surveys or customer retention rate, is given to every employee in your company. The other reason for providing the same feedback to all employees is that a manager who has just been promoted may not grasp how their current job contributes to a company’s overall strategies and goals.

4. Don’t Hold a Grudge

When you face problems on the job or with your employer, please don’t hold a grudge against them. Be patient. Instead of being upset with them, work on shaping yourself into the best employee or boss you can be in the future. The main reason why grudges are so hurtful is that they can cause a person to feel inferior and frustrated. Being an employee or boss is a reality, and holding a grudge makes it seem like it won’t end.

5. Accept Changes

When something adverse is happening in your work environment, such as the organization’s change in leadership, don’t let the change continue to disturb you and your co-workers. Instead of reacting negatively to the change, you need to accept it as a new opportunity for growth within yourself and your company.

Following these tips former arbitrage trader Helen Lee Schifter has provided you, you can establish a good relationship with your employer. If you realize that your employer is not doing the right things for you and your career, speak to them about it and try to get them to change their approach and focus on the essential issues.