Factors to Bear in Mind When Choosing a Heated Towel Rail

Picture the scene. You’ve just finished showering or having a long soak in the bathtub, and you reach for your towel. Would you rather it was at room temperature or blissfully warm? Most people would unequivocally choose the latter option, which is one of the reasons why heated towel rails have become so popular in recent years. Not only do they ensure that your towels are toasty and warm, but they also help to heat up the entire bathroom.

The best part is that, while once considered something of a luxury, heated towel rails are now much more affordable. In addition, there are more designs than ever to choose from. This last part can make it a bit overwhelming when it comes to choosing one for your bathroom, so to help you out, here are some of the main factors you’ll need to consider.


The first issue is how large your heated towel rail should be. This will depend on issues such as how big your bathroom is, whether you are hoping to use the rail to heat the room or just your towels, and how many towels you are hoping to fit on it at once.

Heating type

As a rough guide, there are three main ways in which a towel rail can be heated:

  • Central heating – this connects to your home’s central heating system and has hot water flowing through it like a radiator
  • Electric – this is powered by your home’s electric supply and can be switched on or off at the wall
  • Dual fuel – this is a combination of the two above

The right choice for you will depend on what type of heating your home has and whether you want the option of using your heated towel rail independently from the central heating (a handy option in hot weather).


These days, you can get heated towel rails made from all sorts of different metals, including aluminum, stainless steel, and brass. If you’re not sure which is most appropriate for your needs, talk to the experts at a supplier such as www.warmrooms.co.uk for personalized advice.


The variety of styles available when it comes to heated towel rails will probably take you by surprise! For example, you can opt for a design that looks very much like a ladder or one that is wider horizontally and can be installed beneath a window. One popular option is to choose a curved towel rail that bends out from the wall, giving you more space behind it to hang your towels. They don’t have to be mounted onto the wall either – depending on your space, a freestanding or floor-mounted heated towel rail might be more suitable for you.


Lastly, there’s the color and finish of your heated towel rail. Again you have lots of options here, and the most suitable one will likely depend on the existing decor of your bathroom. For example, you could choose classic white, metallic silver, industrial brass, or contemporary anthracite.

It’s possible to get some extremely stylish designer heated towel rails in all sorts of interesting shades and shapes, so take your time to search for one that you truly love and perfectly matches your bathroom.