Farm Living: 3 Reasons Why Homesteading Is Trending Again

Whether you’re perusing through YouTube or following friends on social media, homesteading has become a big topic for many. Its rise in popularity has even reached the younger millennial generations who are looking to be more self-sufficient. If you’re wondering how homesteading has become a big trend, there are three main reasons why.


Farmhouse Decor

The new modern homestyle has switched gears to bring back some old-time favorites. Known as farmhouse decor, this stylish trend is bringing simplicity coupled with the comforts of home to any size lodging. The farmhouse trend brings a lightness to any room and has a wide variety of objects that can unite as one to create this charming, small-town atmosphere, whether in a barndominium or a ranch-style home.


Being surrounded by a simpler feel has driven many people to start thinking about making more areas of their lives simpler, such as where they get their food. Instead of relying on large food chains, people are getting in touch with their roots by investing in more homesteading practices.


It’s not hard to see why many individuals in this day and age crave a simpler lifestyle. The craze of technology has allowed people to constantly be stuck on, both mentally and physically. Farmhouse decor helps to provide an oasis of coziness at a slow pace, which is what most people need to turn off and rejuvenate.


Remote Work

It’s no surprise that the recent COVID-19 pandemic allowed businesses to formulate ways for their employees to operate more remotely. Thanks to technology for meetings, communications, and so much more, many employees can enjoy working mostly remotely. This has opened a lot of possibilities for those who were jammed into the constant commute lifestyle.


Now, remote workers are taking back control of their lives and focusing on moving to properties with more land. Since they don’t have to commute, they can take advantage of living in more rural areas. And with rural homes typically comes a lot more land than in urban areas. This vast expanse of rural land is giving homeowners the space to produce their own foods.


Cheaper and Healthier Food

Another big driver behind the uptick in the homesteading trend is food. With inflation driving up the cost of many food staples and supplies being unreliable due to recent global events, many individuals have started to really think about their food. Growing your own food not only tends to be cheaper but allows you to know what goes into it.


As more and more research studies conclude that foods that were thought to be healthy actually can be damaging to the body, it’s no surprise that people are more worried about their food sources. Growing your own food allows you to use organic materials that ensure your food doesn’t contain any nasty byproducts.


Even more, producing your own food helps to lower demand for mass produced foods that are generated in an unhealthy way. For example, poultry farming has been highly scrutinized for their inhumane growing atmosphere. By buying fewer eggs at the store, you can help reduce the need for these farms to produce.