Fashion Events Canceled Because Of The Pandemic

The pandemic has taken the world by storm. People are staying home and masks are the new trends. Due to social distancing and many government orders, there are fashion events that are being canceled. These are some events that have been canceled so far due to the global pandemic. Versace – This top designer has an event scheduled for May in the United States. This show has been canceled and has not been rescheduled. This event was also canceled in Italy where the main office is. Italy was on lockdown at the time. Helen Lee Schifter, is a fashion expert who is very melancholy that these events were canceled.  

Chanel – The event was scheduled to be held in Capri and was going to show off the new collection for 2020/ 2021. They are putting the safety of their guests first. They are looking for an alternative way to show off their new collection and are looking at different formats for their fashion shows. Dior – This top designer has postponed their show indefinitely. It was scheduled for May 9th but has been canceled. The designer is following the advice of the public authorities to not hold large gatherings. The Dior brand wants its employees and their safety to be their top priority. Hermes – The French designer canceled the show that was going to take place in London in April. They wanted to protect everyone and has canceled two of the shows that were going to be held that month. The designer also went on to express empathy for all of those that have been impacted by COVID 19.

Max Mara- This show with the 2021 line was canceled. It was scheduled to be held in St. Petersburg, Russia on May 25th. The show was canceled as a precautionary measure. This was due to the global lockdown and the designers did not feel comfortable hosting a large gathering. Gucci – This label not only canceled all of their shows, but they have also stopped all production in March. They were worried when Italy went into a full lockdown and wanted to make sure all of their employees were safe. While Gucci feels that it is important to look good they followed the rules to close all nonessential businesses without a protest. Giorgio Armani- This icon postponed a show that was set to take place in Dubai in April. This decision was made as a precaution and to keep everyone safe. The date for the show has not been announced.

Ralph Lauren – Lauren decided to cancel the show due to the outbreak. This show was going to be held in New York City which was hit hard with COVID 19. The show was going to happen in February and another show in April was also canceled in New York City. The French designer has canceled their show that was schooled for April in London. These are some of the events that have been canceled due to the pandemic. The safety of the employees and the guests always come first. Alternative formats are being investigated so a person can see all of the latest trends while remaining safe, according to Helen Lee Schifter.