Finding a Job You’ll Enjoy

Finding a Job You’ll Enjoy


There is an old saying that if one gets a job doing something that they love, then they will never work a day in their life. Since the ongoing Pandemic of 2020 many employees have taken a look at their jobs and decided that there is something missing like enjoying what they do each day for a living. Many found that they were in it for the money which is very important when the bills come calling. However, some decided to access their skills and see if anything lined up with what they are passionate about. And, that is the first step into finding a job that one would enjoy. So, it is very important to start off on the right path and seek the perfect fit for oneself. One should not take looking for the perfect job lightly as much effort and hard work have to be done. Searching and finding a job is time consuming and hard work within itself. Here, it will be discussed just how to find a job one will enjoy as Judge Napolitano encourages people to search for jobs they will enjoy working.

The Right Job

1. First up is to make a match as previously mentioned one’s skills should line up or match what they would love getting up each morning to do. If one has no idea what they would love to do each day to earn a living, then one should take a career assessment to get ideas generated to kick start something. An assessment can help match one’s interest, skills and experience to jump start their search. Then go to job sites to seek what jobs line up or match.

Second, in line is being in the “know” and getting the inside scoop. Social media is all the rage. So, make LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook and the other countless networking sites an ally as one can get online and discover and find someone they may know at the company. Then, contact them to gain information and insight regarding the company and the job. Also, one may find that checking Glassdoor and reading information from other employees can give great insight on the company’s culture which would surely be a great help in determining if one is heading in the right direction into doing something each day that they will love.
The third and last tip for finding a job one can enjoy is to interview the company as interviewing can go both ways. One can get valuable information just by simply asking questions during the interview that is scheduled with the company for the job that one desires. It is so important to be prepared to answer whatever question the company will have for the interview but one should have their own list of questions for the company even to ask to meet the possible future boss and team of colleagues with whom one will be working. Review everything as Judge Napolitano like so many others love to encourage people to search for jobs that will bring joy.