An American Journalist In Paris: A Look At What Ford Fischer Has Seen From The Yellow Vests

The Yellow Vests movement is entering the 15th consecutive weekend of massive protests
Fischer an American journalist and founder of News2Share traveled to France to see the movement firsthand
Fischer believes American media is failing to cover the historic civil uprising against President Emmanuel Macron’s taxes targeting the working class
For over three months France has witnessed the rise of the massive civil uprising movement Gilets Jaunes — more commonly known in America as the Yellow Vests movement. Oddly enough, as the Yellow Vests movement continues, so does the silence from mainstream American media.

While some smaller advocacy groups have made subtle pushes to start a Yellow Vest movement in America, those attempts appear to have been short-lived as the majority of Americans remain in the dark on many aspects of the movement, including how it began. Even President Donald Trump took to Twitter to mistakenly claim more than once the Yellow Vests were protesting the Paris Agreement.

The Yellow Vests movement began in Paris as a response to President Emmanuel Macron’s proposed fuel tax and other taxes that target the working class. The protests have brought out tens of thousands of people and for the first three months organizers of the Yellow Vests movement were coordinating with officials to some degree. After protesters continued to fall victim to extremely serious injuries from law enforcement week after week, organizers announced they would no longer be giving advance notice to officials earlier this month.

Due to American media all but ignoring the Yellow Vests, American journalist and founder of News2Share Ford Fischer decided to fly to France in an attempt to give Americans a closer look inside the historic civil uprising currently unfolding in France. The Daily Haze spoke with Fischer about what he is seeing in the Yellow Vests movement and how it compares to other movements he has covered in America.