From Egypt to Germany and to the world: Money coach Medhat Zaki mentoring entrepreneurs

What shapes someone’s path to success?

Besides the traits that help the wealthy in their journey to success, most have the beliefs they live by in their journey to become who they are today.

For money coach and business growth consultant Medhat Zaki, the financial freedom quote he lives by is, “Don’t chase money; chase your passion and offer high value to people around you, and you’ll get money.”

Medhat Zaki is an Egyptian-German entrepreneur, investor, and author specializing in sales and marketing. Thanks to his extensive experience in sales and marketing, he is a sought-after consultant for businesses looking to scale.

And true to his belief, he has mentored individuals to achieve financial goals and helped grow many companies in Germany and the Middle East to their full potential.

So, what traits have shaped his path?

Medhat Zaki’s Success Traits

Medhat Zaki appreciates how his humble background in the south of Egypt greatly influenced who he is today. Rather than break him, it instilled in him some characteristics that make him great at what he does. 

From an early age, he adopted a strong work ethic and learned the value of hard work. His struggles and challenges made him more resilient and resourceful in the face of obstacles.

In 2001, he relocated to Germany, which also strengthened his character. His new home had everything different from what he was used to language, culture, and a new way of life. 

Medhat adapted and settled in the new country thanks to his willingness to learn new things, embrace new experiences, be open-minded, and be willing to adapt. 

These traits made him fit in different settings during his younger years and helped him shape his money acumen to become a successful entrepreneur, author, and investor.

Additionally, his natural curiosity and thirst for learning new skills and information have made him a lifelong learner and pushed him to pursue new things in life—higher education, new hobbies and interests, and new challenges.  

Author and Business Growth Consultant

Medhat Zaki always had his eye on entrepreneurship. 

He started his first company at 25 years, which performed well and earned him his first million. But the business world was about to give him a big lesson—he lost all the money. 

However, this experience made him thirst more for a deeper understanding of the world of business and sales, and his quest led him to learn about business modeling, sales psychology, the approach of the super-rich, and everything he could about the industry.

Germany would become the launching pad for his successful career in sales. Soon, Medhat Zaki became the go-to business growth and marketing consultant in Germany and the Middle East, where he worked with many companies and helped them grow in revenue.

Besides sales and business growth consultancy, Medhat wears many hats. 

He is an author with several books under his belt, including, The Code of the Super-Rich, and collaborations with a business coach and motivational speaker Brian Tracy, such as Secrets to Wealth and, Succeeding in Business in any Market.

Also, he is a speaker and mentor, inspiring and empowering others to achieve business goals and financial freedom through mentorship, guidance, and support. Medhat Zaki is the founder of Medhat Zaki Academy, where he coaches individuals and organizations to help them achieve personal and business goals faster and easier.