Healthy Ways To Enjoy Cannabis

Cannabis enthusiasts are among the most creative people on earth. Surely they can put some creativity into use while experimenting with marijuana consumption. Especially in recent years, several practices have been coming to the forefront to keep up with the fitness and health trends. 

Although this subject lacks a lot of more research, the studies published so far have reported several significant health benefits for marijuana. As such, people now look for practices that can maximize those possible health benefits while minimizing any risk associated with it.

Here’s outlining the healthy ways for you to enjoy cannabis. Read on to take your pick from these six options.

  1. Prepare Some Marijuana Tea

So, you have come back home from a long day at work, and you just want to turn on the TV and relax. A better option for you is to make yourself a nice cup of marijuana tea.

Here is a fast and convenient way for you to prepare a cup for yourself. Heat the herbal resins or cannabis with cannabutter on the stovetop, and make sure you add nothing else to this concoction.

You can make it even simpler than this by just steeping the herbs in some hot water like your usual tea leaves. Get CBD oil for anxiety to put them to fair use in this healthy way.

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  1. Munch on the Cannabis Edibles

A prevalent trend among cannabis enthusiasts who don’t want to smoke or vape the herbs is to have cannabis-infused edibles. Many people suffering from chronic pain use such foods for long-lasting pain relief.

From cannabis-infused cookies or brownies to chocolates, you can have anything. If you do not want those calorie-laden edibles? You can try a healthy cannabis-infused granola mix made with kosher salts and dried fruits. You can turn this mix into a granola bar, sprinkle it on your breakfast cereals, or mix some of it in a salad. 

Why not make your cannabis edibles? All you need to do is substitute the butter in the recipe to cannabutter, and you can whip anything you like.

  1. Rub Cannabis Topicals

Cannabis topicals refer to the marijuana-infused creams or balms used mainly for localized skincare and pain relief. Unlike all other modes of cannabis use, they do not impose any psychoactivity. It’s genuinely healthy because people can directly get all the benefits of cannabis through the skin without worrying about affecting their lungs with high doses of smoke. 

Some common uses of cannabis topicals include burn treatment, moisturizing creams, skin elasticity enhancement, and muscle soreness treatment.

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  1. Get Marijuana Tinctures

Another method of marijuana consumption that is rapidly gaining popularity is the extraction from the buds of the cannabis plants. This extracted liquid further undergoes purification as a tincture, and you can orally ingest it by placing a few drops under your tongue. 

A significant benefit of this method is that it gets rapidly absorbed in your arterial system to give you quicker results. Alternatively, you can mix tinctures into teas and other beverages, even though the absorption rate gets slowed down in your gastrointestinal tract.

Are you not fond of the taste? Then you can go for a marijuana-infused honey tincture to add to your morning tea or coffee. You may also dilute the potent liquid in juice or water. Prepare tinctures so that they have a minimal psychoactive impact while the therapeutic benefits remain unaffected. So, starting your day with some tincture in your coffee might be a good idea.

  1. Start Your Morning with Cannabis Juices

The trend of cannabis juicing offers a new and delicious way to start the morning for the fitness-enthusiast marijuana consumer. You have to blend fresh and raw marijuana leaves with your favorite fruit or vegetable juice. You can pack this juice to have on the go as a healthy and tasty treat.

Besides, juicing the marijuana means evading the release of THC that usually happens when cannabis gets heated. You can enjoy the terpenes and minerals in the plant without any psychoactivity. 

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  1. Vape to Enjoy Your Cannabis

Though the technology is newer than those conventional methods of using cannabis, vaping still appeals to health-conscious users as a better alternative to smoking. 

You have the freedom to select the temperature at which you want to heat marijuana. So, you can still enjoy particular aspects of this herb while controlling the toxins released from burning it. 

Most devices can vaporize concentrated dry herbs, oil, or cannabis wax. There are specific benefits associated with each of these types. Herbs and waxes are highly potent and might contain residual fats and lipids if not adequately heated. Vaping oils are the most natural and safest concentrates for your vaping delight.

  1. Use Cannabis Patches

The use of cannabis patches is on the rise owing to its healthy and fast effect. It looks like nicotine patches. One can apply it under the costume and r do anything as it does not taper off.  These transdermals or patches take only five to ten minutes to start their effect as cannabis enters your blood directly and slowly. Patches enhance the bioavailability of cannabidiol by not letting it enter the digestive system. Thus, you can feel the effect for a minimum of 8 hours and a maximum of 12 hours. 

Some CBD patches come with a permeation enhancer, which helps the skin become more permeable to absorb more CBD. People who have multiple sclerosis and arthritis pain can get relief by using these transdermal patches. Reservoir and matrix – these are two types of CBD patches. While the first one is thicker, the latter is slimmer. 

Signing Off

As you can see, smoking up is undoubtedly a trusted way of using cannabis, but it’s not the only one. Why stick to only smoking it when you can cook it, vape it, juice it, and much more? You will always find new flavors and more significant benefits from marijuana when you look into the healthy ways of enjoying it. So, opt for any of the methods mentioned above and get all the health benefits of cannabis.