How Blogs Can Benefit Your Business

The Power of Blogs

No one can be a stranger to blogs anymore. By now, everyone has read something on a blog or has seen one while searching the internet. Believe it or not, blogs can and do play a big role when it comes to running a business, gaining customers, and keeping customers. Blogs can allow the business to give customers a heads up on things going on at or with the store. Maybe something to look forward to in the future of the business, or if there are any updates on certain items, and so on.

There are tons of reasons to have a blog for a business, but it mainly just matters on which information to put in it in order to make it work for the company. That’s just what Shalom Lamm did. He has a blog and he looks over many, many companies. There are a lot of people who always feel like businesses are not personal enough with their customers or community and blogs can help to fill in that gap. Shalom Lamm himself believes that a positive attitude can take a person in the right way. So why not get a blog going and allow the customers to see that side of the business that they want and share that positivity.

Blogs help to get the word around about things quicker to a lot of customers as well as getting an immense amount of information out to people. Mr. Lamm is a very giving and generous business owner and knows how important communication is when running one or even several companies. Blogs are perfect for businesses to be open and honest with their customers and can go into more depth than just sending a huge email to someone. This way it’s always there for them to find and can always look it up if needed for a later time.

So why would you not do it? Beginning a business blog can be a way that can be both fun and informative for all employees and employers. He believes that keeping an entrepreneurial attitude can be an innovation that comes in different shapes and sizes. It doesn’t matter if the blog is for one business or multiple businesses. He is a busy man and likes to keep up with his blog for all of his businesses which lets anyone who reads it know about what his businesses are up to and what he is doing to keep up his efforts in keeping his customers in the loop and not keeping any of them in the dark.
Shalom Lamm believes that it’s also a big way to keep employees in the loop and up to date as well with what’s happening where they are working. There are many upsides to having a blog for your business and not a lot of downsides other than it needing to always be updated and of course having blogs written to put on it. Otherwise, there almost isn’t a better way to advertise a business or keep customers happy by keeping them in the loop.