How Cannabis is Being Used Today

Cannabis often sends a lot of people a bad message right off the bat. For most people, when you think cannabis, you think “weed.” The elusive gateway drug that has been hotly debated for the last couple years. It’s often depicted as a drug, often grouped with heroin and crack cocaine. But for others, cannabis is a non-addictive way to relieve stress, and has many medicinal uses. For this reason, it’s rapidly being legalized and accepted both for medicinal and recreational uses, this is when many top cbd oil companies began. States such as Colorado and California have already started this movement, and all but 17 states have already legalized cannabis for at least medicinal use. Here are a couple different ways cannabis is being used today by people all over the world, and some of the different benefits or negative effects that it can have on a person.

CBD Oils

CBD oil is probably the most widespread way that cannabis is being used worldwide. Unlike the plant itself, when turned into an oil and diluted, it’s not outlawed anywhere, and can be bought and used without repercussions. Also unlike the plant, the properties it has are also diluted, hence the legality of it in all states.

CBD oils have a lot of different benefits, and are often used in beauty products. Things like lotion, shampoo, conditioner, and body wash, are favorites. Organic CBD products can help to nourish and moisturize skin and hair. 


Probably the most looked down on practice for cannabis, is the recreational use. The most popular use for consuming marijuana or cannabis for recreation, is by smoking it. Smoking marijuana gives the user a sort of “high,” and acts as an antidepressant. 

Contrary to popular belief, marijuana isn’t very addictive, if at all, and has little negative effects for using it. 


The last use for cannabis, and the newest, is the use of its medicinal properties. As mentioned before, marijuana is an antidepressant, meaning it helps to calm and clear the mind of the user. When used is excess, this is what gives the effect of the user being “stoned,” or “out of it.” However, in smaller doses, marijuana can be used by those with anxiety or depression, to help calm them down, lower their heart rate, and lessen the effects of the mental illnesses.

This has gotten to be more and more popular in recent times, since it doesn’t have a lot of the negative side effects that a lot of other anxiety and depression medication can have on the user. 

In conclusion, although cannabis is still a widely debated and often frowned upon substance, it’s constantly changing in the eyes of the world. With more research on marijuana, we begin to learn a lot more about what it is and how it affects the human body. We also get to experiment more with different ways of using the plant, such as by turning it into an oil, or other methods of delivery, rather than smoking, and how that changes the effect it has on the human body.