How Fashion Nova Brings Out Your Inner Influencer

From nano-influencers to chart-topping celebs, no brand’s created more of a buzz on social media than Fashion Nova. One of the most searched brands on Google, this fast-growing women’s apparel company is right up there with high-ticket fashion brands like Gucci, Louis Vuitton, and Chanel. But unlike those well-known trendsetters in the fashion industry, Fashion Nova is more obsessed with their customers than it is with their own profit margins. 

The California based company is undoubtedly a viral brand. With 17.3 million followers on Instagram, Fashion Nova has a resounding social reach. While their 10% follower growth every month definitely comes with bragging rights, it’s not the brand’s popularity alone that brings the inner influencer out of just about everyone. CEO Richard Saghian has obviously been doing something right when it comes to building this brand. So, what is it? Why is everyone so excited to join the tribe of #NovaStar influencers? 

The Fashion Nova Movement

There’s no doubt that macro and mega-influencers have a tremendous amount of power when it comes to attracting new customers for a brand. If it’s good enough for Kylie Jenner, it’s definitely good enough for me, right? People all over the world scour social media every day looking for the hottest trends, best products, and the latest fashion brands. While getting all the deets about those A-list celebs’ favorite fashion brands is great, for most social media followers, the excitement stops there. That’s because most brands are either inaccessible or outrageously priced. 

When it comes to today’s fashion trends, however, we’re starting to see a shift. The rule of thumb used to be- if it’s expensive and ahead of the trend, the hottest celebrities have to have it. But overpriced fashion is becoming a thing of the past. That’s one of the many reasons Fashion Nova is hugely popular with all types of influencers. They’ve closed the gap between trendy and affordable. Many social media followers used to think-if Blac Chyna endorses it, I definitely can’t afford it. Backed by celebs like Cardi B, Fashion Nova has created a movement. They’ve bridged those gaps and opened the door for all influencers. 

The brand lets its customers lead the charge. They don’t just say “be your own fashion icon” on their website. They prove they’re committed to their customers by providing the resources every aspiring fashion influencer needs-variety, affordability, and superior quality. Although the apparel, accessory, and beauty products attract women with body measurements that don’t fit in standard sizing, Fashion Nova is truly a brand for everyone. And even though their products are trendy, the brand itself is anything but a trend. Fashion Nova is a powerful movement that’s shaping the way other brands harness the power of influencers, no matter how big or small their following may be. 

Influenced by Example

The real reason Fashion Nova is so popular with today’s influencers may be because the company itself is lead by a CEO who learned from example. There’s no question that Richard Saghian’s passion for the fashion industry started in his younger years. Saghian spent his summers working in women’s retail stores owned by his father. It was here that he learned how to bring value to the customers he served. From those lessons rose a dream to share his father’s passion and success, in his own way, with the fashion world. 

In 2006, Saghian opened his first store in Panorama City, California. Despite the store’s initial success, he realized the potential for success in eCommerce and expanded to online sales in 2013. Fashion Nova soon took to Instagram to post pictures of models wearing their fashion pieces, a move that launched the brand into what it is today. 

Unlike most companies that focus solely on their profit margins, Fashion Nova is all about bringing value to their customers. The brand speaks directly to the urban demographic, offering tight clothes and fashion-forward products. Among their most popular products are their U.S. made stretch jeans that form perfectly to a woman’s figure, working well for Coke bottle figured women who find it difficult to get fashionable clothes that fit right. 

Another primary focus of the brand is availability. That’s why Fashion Nova prides itself on fast shipping, rapid manufacturing, and a massive variety of products. By using a Los Angeles-based manufacturer, the company can turn samples around in 24 hours. This allows the brand to photograph models in new products and post them to Instagram all within 48 hours of sending the products to manufacturing. Their system works. Customers get their eyes and hands on new products within days of their release. 

What’s even more exciting when it comes to availability is the variety of products. Fashion Nova releases an astounding 600 items a week. Yes, you read that right. Six-hundred items are released by the brand every single week. So, customers don’t just have a lot of options when it comes to style, but there’s less chance you’re going to show up on Saturday night wearing the same jacket as every other girl club. This isn’t just huge for customers, it’s a big win for influencers who want to share pieces they love without having to match their followers when they hit the streets. 

Calling All Customers. Let’s Collab!

When it comes to marketing, Fashion Nova has nailed the strategy. But it’s more than just understanding that influencers are the bread and butter of a great marketing plan. The brand isn’t threatened by competition. Instead, they welcome it. That’s because they know that customers need choices. While Fashion Nova might not be the right choice for everyone, the brand has undoubtedly created a line of products that are focused on a broader audience. Providing more value to its customers than any other brand in the fashion industry, Saghian has turned those lessons from his younger years into a strategy that’s created a powerful brand reputation.

Fashion Nova doesn’t just encourage you to collaborate with them for their own benefit, they understand that the foundation of any successful brand sits on the back of those who proudly wear their products. That’s why they engage with every customer tagged photo-commenting and liking your posts to show you that they see you. They even repost 30 customer photos a week. With tens of millions of followers, you might be the next #OOTDQueen when you sign up as a #NovaBabe.

So there you have it. Fashion Nova brings out the inner influencer in all of us because the brand truly believes that all customers are influencers. They opened the door to influencers from every corner of social media. Hundreds of photos are posted every week, making it hard to resist the urge to be the next Fashion Nova influencer. Product pieces with trendy names like “Netflix and Chill” and “Internet Famous” drive even more engagement to customer posts. And with the launch of Nova Curve and Nova Menswear, the brand is only going to rise to new levels of success in the future. It’s no wonder influencers far and wide, new and established, are flocking to the3 collab page. You never know whose eye you’ll catch by joining the tribe behind the movement that is Fashion Nova.