How Learning to Drive a Motorcycle Can Help Make You a Better Driver

man driving a motorcycle

There’s a big difference between getting behind the wheel of a car and hopping on a motorcycle. While they both require similar skills, motorcycle riders need increased coordination, attention, and a separate set of skills to stay safe on the road.

The country’s motor vehicle departments agree, which is why there are endorsements and separate licenses in most states across the nation. With an increased level of skills required, it turns out that learning to drive a motorcycle can help make you a better driver altogether. Here are the facts.

Improving Coordination

Operating a motorcycle naturally varies from operating a car. Instead of pedals and steering wheel, riders need to control the throttle, clutch, and handlebars. Those include a manual gearbox and two separate brakes.

This means that riders need an increased level of coordination over drivers just to operate the bike. Throw in traffic, and the demands placed on a rider’s coordination are even higher. This directly translates to driving a car, allowing you to be more in-tune with the vehicle and more aware.

The Defensive Driver

Defensive driving is one of the best ways to stay safe on the road, according to experts. While you can learn this skill from behind the wheel, riders know it like the back of their hand. You’re more vulnerable on a bike, making accidents deadlier and even mild crashes more injury prone. So, it only makes sense that riders are naturally defensive drivers.

Riders are always scanning the road for potential accidents. Dangerous situations must be anticipated and avoided. It’s something that turns into second nature when riding a motorcycle, and that aspect carries directly over to driving a car.

Weather Awareness

Cars protect their drivers from the elements, but riders are going to get soaked by rain and can forget about heading out in the snow. With the nature of a two-wheeled ride, motorcyclists must be more attentive to wet roads if they want to get anywhere safely. You’ll think twice about how you drive in the rain or snow after riding a bike.

Aid with Blind Spots

Blind spots are difficult to track, often leading to accidents. If you need a car accident lawyer in the Bay Area, it’s probably because you didn’t see someone in your blind spot while driving in dense traffic. Riders don’t have that luxury, though. They’re usually the ones in the blind spot, and an accident is more likely to be life threatening.

Switching from a car to a motorcycle requires a change in mindset. It opens up the view of the road, allowing you to see where blind spots are at any point in traffic as you work to ensure you’re not riding inside of one. Translated to driving, this helps you become more aware of when other drivers enter these low-visibility zones.

Decreased Reaction Time

Combining all of the above elements together, riders need to act faster and maneuver quicker if they want to stay safe. This decreases the time it takes them to react to any given situation. From braking to safely swerving and accelerating, you’ll find yourself reacting faster behind the wheel of a car as well.