How the Pandemic Has Changed Us

How the Pandemic Has Changed Us

It’s been a tough two years, although the end is almost in sight, travel is opening up, and life is feeling almost back to normal. Things are different to how they were two years ago. Many of us have spent a majority of this time separated from our loved ones. More companies have gone remote to deal with the challenges of maintaining a working space during the midst of a pandemic, which has allowed many of us to have a better work life balance. If you’re curious about some of the ways the pandemic has changed us and how life works, keep reading to learn more.

1. We’ve Become More Familiar With Video Calls
For many of us video calls replaced so many important things in our lives. New babies were met via Zoom or Whatsapp video, board meetings continued as usual but from our phones and the comfort of our homes. Normal coffee dates in cafes were replaced by long distance coffee dates on Zoom. Although I’m really glad we’re returning to normal hang outs and in person concerts, I think it’s great that the barrier to communication has been lowered in this way and we can connect better with our loved ones when we’re far apart. Click here to read about the best ways the pandemic has changed things.

2. We’ve Spent More Time Online
The Internet has become an even more integral part of our lives, with many of us binging Netflix in the midst of lockdowns and using social networks more than ever to read up on news and what our friends are up to. I know for a fact my Screen Time has increased considerably since the pandemic began – I use it to watch workout videos online, keep in touch with friends I’m not seeing in person, and for keeping up to date on the world too. With all this extra time at home and online, it’s been a great time to focus on this website, ensuring it is growing.

3. We’ve Slowed Down
It’s forced so many of us to slow down and enjoy the simple pleasures. How strict the lockdowns where you lived depended greatly on your government. Some countries were much stricter than others, imposing rules and regulations about how far someone could travel from their home for non essential reasons. We haven’t been able to fill our weekends with the normal activities we would do beforehand, so we’ve had more time on our hands for deep cleaning, reading books at home, and savoring time with those who are in our “bubble.” Many of us have also become more conscious about what we’re buying and where from. Click here to learn more about the top consumer goods companies in Canada.

A lot of the pandemic has been really hard, but there have been some silver linings that many of us have enjoyed. The pandemic has changed how we operate daily, and how we function as a society and I’m sure many of those changes will be long lasting.