How to Become More Organized

An Easy Path to a More Organized Home

Most people have a vague notion that they’d like to organize their home a little better. However, there’s one thing which quickly becomes clear when they step up to tackle that seemingly simple chore. It turns out that most people’s homes are extremely unorganized. This tends to reach a point where escaping that seems almost impossible. But some of the most organized people on the planet have some words of advice for anyone who feels intimidated by the task.

For example, Father George Rutler brings with him all of the expertise provided by a well organized life. And he’s also given some tips to people who are looking for a way to move forward in a more organized manner. So what does Rutler and other organizational experts suggest for people trying to move toward that goal?

One of the most important rules is to essentially begin at the beginning. It’s often tempting to just jump into an organizational project. But people should take a moment to consider how they’re trying to change their normal way of doing things. Most environments become disorganized because that’s just the standard way of life for the people within it. When people try to become more organized, it should permeate every part of their life. This should begin with a concrete plan about how to proceed with an organizational effort.

Father George Rutler believes it is usually a good idea to tackle things on a room by room basis. This can begin with some simple notes with a general heading for every room. It’s generally a good idea to think about everything in those rooms that needs organization. This will essentially serve as a rough draft. After one finishes with that draft, the next step will involve making a well thought out checklist. This can be even more effective by using cloud based apps or programs that will allow multiple people to work on it at the same time. For example, one member of the household can work with items on the bedroom section while another is checking them off of a kitchen list.

It’s also a good idea to start out with the easier rooms. This is in large part simply due to the fact that people learn more about a task as they work through it. The easiest rooms will typically highlight organizational points that can be used elsewhere. However, having to redo something in a simple environment is far easier than doing it in a complex one.

It’s also a good idea to declutter as much as possible. It’s obviously hard to get rid of one’s possessions. But at the same time there’s little point in clinging to objects that are causing distress rather than happiness. It’s generally a good idea to just continually take a moment to think about every object in a room as it enters into the organizational effort. If the item doesn’t feel important or necessary then it should be removed from the household.

Where those items go is another question that should be tackled before the organizational effort. It’s a good idea to make a list of storage spaces, donation options or friends who might want any extra items. This way all of those unwanted things can simply be placed in an appropriate collection as they’re encountered.

If all of these steps are kept in mind then the task will be over surprisingly quickly. What’s more, the benefits of a more organized life will manifest with equal speed. Most people simply find that they’re happier once excess clutter and confusion is removed from the household.