How to Choose the Right Cigar for You

How to Choose the Right Cigar for You

There are a variety of cigars you can choose from, such as Cubans, the 5 Vegas Gold, Serie G Maduro, and Macanudo’s Café. Finding the right one for you is vital to enhance your smoking experience. Below are a few factors to consider when choosing a cigar that suits you.

1. Cigar Size

Size affects cigar flavor. Ring gauge and length are the size parameters for a cigar. The longer a cigar is, the slower it takes to burn out. For most smokers, a 6-inch cigar lasts for an hour. With a smaller diameter, the filler to wrapper leaf ratio is better.

Thus, many smokers prefer a 40-50 diameter. A standard cigar size is the Corona, also called Parejo. It is straight with a cylindrical body. Another common size is Figurado, which is a bullet-shaped cigar.

2. Rating

All cigars have individual ratings. The most common rating in Cigar Aficionado, which ranges from 1-100. A cigar with a below 70 rating is of low quality, 70-79 is average, 80-89 is excellent, 90-94 is outstanding, and 95-100 is classic. Choosing the highest-rated cigar will enhance your smoking.

3. Cigar Type

All cigars have three individual parts: binder, wrapper, and filler. The wrapper leaf indicates the cigar’s strength and body, and lighter colored wrappers have a mellower smoke, while darker ones have fuller-bodied smokes. Other determining characteristics include farm, country, and region where they come from. Different soils and climates produce different cigar flavors.

Another factor is hand-rolled vs. machine rolled cigars. Hand-rolled ones are of higher quality than machine rolled. They have well-spaced filler tobacco that improves airflow. Sometimes machines roll them too loosely or too tightly, making the cigar to burn unevenly.

4. Quality

You can test your cigar’s quality by rolling it in your fingers. The wrapper should not have cracks, gaps, or tears. If the tobacco is smooth and evenly distributed, the puffed-out smoke will be gentle, and vice versa. Also, the tobacco quality is crucial to check by researching the brands and their rating systems. Also, ask a tobacconist any quality-related questions.

Other tips for establishing quality include:

•    The color should be uniform. It should not have spots or some parts darker than others. Also, a cigar should not be moldy.

•    Do not buy dry cigars. They should be firm. To confirm this, hold and squeeze it lightly. If it feels dry, do not buy it because it will be too hot when lighted.

•    Whiff the cigar to determine its taste by holding the cigar and inhaling it deeply. However, if you are in a shop, ask first before sniffing. If the smell is pleasant to you, the taste will be great too.

•    Make sure a seller uses a humidor for storage. Excessive moisture will rot cigars, and very little will make them dry out.

Many reviews have mentioned Cuban cigars as the best quality ones in the world.

5. Price

Pick a cigar that you can afford. The most expensive cigar is not necessarily the best one. If you are a beginner, go for the cheapest highest-quality cigar you can find so that you can experiment without breaking the bank.

6. Brand

Every cigar brand has unique flavors and tastes. It is critical to choose a brand that caters to your preference and taste. If you haven’t smoked before, it is an excellent chance to explore different brands to determine which one you like best.

Finally, choosing the perfect cigar for you is an easy task. Checking for quality, brand, size, shape, price, and rating will guide you. If you are stuck, you can consult a tobacconist. Enjoy your smoking experience.