How To Create The Punchiest Business Card Possible

Creating a lasting impression with a business card is far from an easy task, particularly with everyone and their dog flashing their card around constantly, but there are definitely steps you can take to help your card stand out from the crowd. Good business cards follow many of the well-established business card rules (yes, there are definitely some rules to adhere to) but break a few in the same way – to give you an idea of what goes into an effective business card, we take a look at some of the core needs any good business card should have. 

Where to start with business card design

Whether you’re looking into clear plastic business cards or more traditional cardboard varieties, the same rules usually apply to the overall design. Perhaps the most important thing to keep in mind with regards to business cards is the need to not make it too busy. Although you may very well be tempted to include as much information as possible in the small amount of real estate you have, you should ideally be including as little as possible. You should include only your contact details and the business in question. You should make it your job to intrigue someone who receives your business card so that they are incentivised to track down your information themselves. Unnecessary information makes cards cramped, forcing you to reduce the font size and significantly reduce the focus of your card – if someone finds it difficult to read the important stuff at a glance, you’ve done something wrong. Sometimes this means more than improper use of space as well – using strange colour combos and weird fonts can make it a chore for someone to read through your card. Even if you think it’s cool and different, creative restraint goes a lot further than you might think. 

Reflect your professionalism in your card

There’s a good chance that you fancy yourself a professional, so why not demonstrate it with your card as well? Printing off your cards with cheap paper on your home printer might save you a little bit of money, but it’ll also make you and your business look cheap. At the very least go through your local stationery store, but it’s certainly worth taking a more tailored route – this should be treated as an investment, after all. On the other hand, just because you do end up getting your cards made professionally, it doesn’t mean you have to spend massive amounts of money to get all of the fancy options possible. It should all be about your brand or business at the end of the day, so considering this when opting for options like rounded corners, die cuts, strange shapes and sizes, embossing and foil accents should take priority. 

Is it time for you to implement some clever business card design?

To make an impact in a competitive business world, it’s important to remember that business cards should be about a little more than your simple contact details. A good business card should be a thoughtful representation of you, and this should be apparent to every single person you give it to. After all, people only have so much room for business cards – make sure yours is a keeper rather than rubbish.