How to Deal with a Covid Death in the Family

With more than 1million deaths already, the Covid pandemic is sweeping across the world and here in Australia, we have had our fair share of infections and fatalities. If you have recently suffered a loss in the family due to the virus, aside from the obvious trauma of losing a loved one, there is always the threat of infection to others, which means we must follow the social distancing guidelines.

Arranging the Funeral

It is best to call the funeral director in Parramatta, who can arrange everything on your behalf and they can tailor the funeral service to suit. Some people are not religious and would prefer a humanist funeral, which your local funeral director can arrange. Funeral directors fully understand the trauma one faces when losing a loved one and are able to take on the responsibility of making all the arrangements on your behalf.

Budget Funerals

In the event the passing will incur costs and you do not have a lot of savings, there are budget funerals that are in no way inferior to a regular funeral, with the exception of omitting a few unnecessary aspects. A cremation service with no guests is a quiet way to say your goodbyes and you can have the ashes scattered at a specific location that meant something to the deceased.

Protecting the Family

Of course, losing a family member is stressful and we must do what we can to protect the rest of the family, which might mean staying at home and observing social distancing rules, at least until the vaccine becomes available. Wash your hands regularly and always wear a face mask when outside of your home and avoid human contact whenever possible. If you have children, here is some information about keeping kids safe during the pandemic.


It might help for you to talk to a qualified grief counsellor, as these people are trained to help people deal with a loss and most say that the counselling really helped them to deal with the loss. If you search online, you will find a list of local counsellors and you can either meet in person, or arrange an online consultation using Zoom. You could have one hour a week when you have a virtual session with the counsellor, which will really help you to deal with your loss. We all need to keep updated on the Covid-19 status where we live, as things can change very quickly.

Clinging to Memories

There are those who say that remembering only makes things worse, but if you take the approach of celebrating a person’s life and recall the great things they accomplished and the good times you had together, then you do not feel sad. We cannot change what happens around us but we can change our response and by focusing on the positive contributions that person made during their life, we can deal with the grief in a more positive way.

Losing someone you love is traumatic in any situation and time is certainly a healer and if you celebrate their life rather than mourn their passing, it will help you to keep your emotions in check.